Inside John and Liz Tavarez's Gothic Glam Home in Phoenix

Katie Johnson
The Tavarez family has made their home in the historic Fairview neighborhood.
If Tim Burton and Betsey Johnson were to build a life together in downtown Phoenix, it likely would look something like John and Liz Tavarez's 1926 Sears Craftsman home.

Located in the Fairview neighborhood just east of the Arizona State Fairgrounds, the historic abode is best described as gothic glam -- complete with macabre knickknacks, gold accents, and more skulls than you can shake a femur at.

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Inside Misty Guerriero's Internationally Styled Ralph Haver Home in Phoenix

Categories: Personal Space

Evie Carpenter
Misty Guerriero sits with her husband Ofer Navon and daughter Adina in her home in Phoenix.
There are few words to describe the first impression of walking into Misty Guerriero's home. It's eclectic, for sure, but it's not the kind of eclectic that results in pursed lips and slow head nodding.

The vintage maven's Phoenix home is eclectic in the way that an art museum is eclectic, where you want to walk up to each piece, take it in, and then move on to another.

But it is also warm, graciously inviting visitors to take what feels like a tour of China, Tibet, Israel, France, and Morocco. These places and more are represented through the home's furniture and art, much like her boutique in Scottsdale, Vintage by Misty. Basically, Guerriero brings her work home in the best way.

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Inside Tania Katan's Midcentury Modern Ralph Haver Ranch Home in Phoenix

Categories: Personal Space

Evie Carpenter
Tania Katan reads in her living room, which prominently features art by Angela Ellsworth above the couch, as well as pieces by Suzanne Falk, Jennifer Campbell, and Nick Shindell.
Tania Katan calls herself a "Producer of Shenanigans." The title is fitting, as the writer, performer, and program coordinator at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is tasked with bringing artists and performers to audiences in order to captivate, inspire, and get a little crazy at story-sharing events like Lit Lounge.

Although the shows she produces run on a healthy amount of playful chaos, her home and creative atmosphere are a bit more deliberate.

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Inside 9 Phoenix Creatives' Cool Homes and Studios

Categories: Personal Space

Thumbnail image for M.Shindell8.JPG
Shawn Raymundo

With our series Personal Space, Jackalope Ranch gets an inside look at the homes and studios of some of Phoenix's most interesting folks, like artists, designers, shop owners, and entrepreneurs. Here's a look back at some of our favorites we've visited (so far).

Mary Shindell's Dynamic Dual Studios
Mary Shindell divides her productive energies between two studios: one in her home tucked close to the mountains and the other located behind an industrial rigging field on Jackson Street.

With a soft, resonating ring of wind chimes, the rustling of quail, and the ever-so-often distant howl of coyotes at night, it's no wonder Shindell plans her projects at her peaceful home studio. Read more.

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Phoenix Illustrator Kelsey Dake's Mid-Century Modern, Hyper-Organized Studio

Categories: Personal Space

dakemain copy.jpg
Photos by Claire Lawton
Kelsey Dake has a very thick half-wall between her studio and the rest of her home in uptown Phoenix.

The 23-year-old illustrator stresses the importance of a work and home-life balance, which is hard to pull off when both things happen in the same space, but probably necessary when you're juggling personal projects, assignments from big-name publications, and a commission from singer/songwriter Beck (more on all of that later).

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Artist Denise Yaghmourian Creates Experimental Patterning in Former Upholstery Warehouse in Phoenix

Categories: Personal Space

Denise Yaghmourian main.jpg
photos by Thania Betancourt
When artists Denise Yaghmourian and Jeff Bertoncino found an upholstery warehouse on Seventh and Camelback streets in Phoenix that was up for sale, they saw its potential as an artistic haven for the whole family.

Yaghmourian describes the studio as her favorite place to be. The frame of the space is orderly and clear with crisp white walls and a smooth stone floor. In the front entrance gallery, fibrous forms hang from the ceiling, resembling dripping textured tears. Some closely hug the ceiling while others hover over the floor.

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SMoCA Director Tim Rodgers' Thoughtful, Eclectic, and Locally Designed Home

Categories: Personal Space

photo by Thania Betancourt
Tim Rodgers understands that a home like his isn't for everyone. After seeing (and lusting after) the compelling architectural forms of his current residence two and a half years ago, the director of SMoCA knew it would be just the right house for him and his partner Jeff Halakal.

Since the couple moved into the place two months ago, they've made their aesthetic imprint on the place using antiques from the 1600s as well as high-modern, minimalist furnishings.

With a wall of oleander bushes hiding the house from the street, entering the property feels like a retreat. At the entrance, cleanly clipped vines frame the large, open 10-foot tall windows.

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Tempe Artist Ashley Weber's Chaotic Corner Studio

Categories: Personal Space

Photo by Thania Betancourt
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With dozens of small drawers filled with antlers, walrus teeth and fossilized sand dollars, you know that when Tempe artist Ashley Weber says she's drawn to the natural look, she truly means it.

Tucked into a corner of her home, the jewelry maker's studio is a treasury for her one-of-a-kind handmade earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Jumbled compartments of materials, tools, and perfectly irregular pieces surround the backless seat Weber sits at to craft her intricate jewelry. Sifting through the crevice-filled drawers feels a lot like eyeing the envy-worthy cluttered jewelry box of a friend with great taste.

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Phoenix Artist Mayme Kratz Chronicles Beauty in Creative Space

Categories: Personal Space

Mayme Kratz 1.jpg
Photo by Thania Betancourt
Mayme Kratz saturates the surface of one of her pieces.
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Mayme Kratz proves to be an artist by nature in more ways than one. With her studio located near the railroad tracks and almost below a busy overpass, Kratz is just as industrious with her artwork as the surrounding area.

The large barred openings of the cement block studio at first seem to lock something away, but here, Kratz releases her clear observances of nature. And while she's often tagged as a resin artist, Kratz uses other natural materials in her work: seeds, leaves, twigs, cicada wings, bones, shells, cactus, beetles and, yes, sometimes snakes.

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Artist Carrie Marill's Studio Combines Consciousness and Community

Categories: Personal Space

Carrie 1.jpg
Photo by Thania Betancourt
The unflashy vibrancy and careful interior detailing of Carrie Marill's studio on Third and Garfield streets matches her calm and thoughtful demeanor.

With an overflowing bookshelf, a gold mine of paints, and an underused kitchen (there's a reason there's a paper cutter on the stove she explains), Marill's productive workspace proves to be the nest for her creations to take flight.

In October, Marill and her husband/fellow artist, Matthew Moore, purchased an 11-unit building, remodeled it, and transitioned the commercial space into Combine Studios.

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