Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

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Courtesy of NBC
Leonard Nimoy, who lived long and prospered, has died.

Leonard Nimoy has died, according to a report from The New York Times.

The actor, musician, photographer, and pop culture icon was 83.

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No, There Isn't a Banksy at The Lost Leaf in Phoenix

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Paul Horner
The fake Banksy
So, have you heard anything recently about that alleged Banksy piece that suddenly appeared over at The Lost Leaf? Probably so, since news of the alleged creation by the enigmatic street artist has been all over social media and the talk of Roosevelt Row.

If you're not up on the latest gossip, here's the skinny: Sometime this past weekend, Banksy supposedly adorned the Fifth Street drinkery with one of his signature stencil works, which featured a rat wielding a broom along with the words, "Paul Horner, I come for you."

Here's the kicker: It's a complete and total hoax, courtesy of the guy namechecked in the alleged art work.

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Antique Sugar Is Moving to Downtown Phoenix

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Katie Johnson
Antique Sugar will move to 801 North Second Street.
Goodbye, Melrose Curve. Hello, Roosevelt Arts District.

After five years, one of Seventh Avenue's sweetest vintage shops, Antique Sugar, is packing up its bags and setting up shop in downtown Phoenix. The retro retailer will be relocating to a newly renovated 1950s office building that it's set to share with a barcade and architectural firm at 801 North Second Street.

Antique Sugar's new digs will offer nearly 2,000 square feet of store space, giving shoppers access to a large inventory of vintage threads and accessories for men and women.

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Eddie Izzard Is Coming to the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix

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Andy Hollingworth Archive
Eddie Izzard is coming to Phoenix this summer.

It would seem Eddie Izzard has taken a page from the Miley Cyrus playbook. The stand-up comedian can't stop and won't stop touring.

The comedian, actor, and writer, known for his free-association delivery and roles on The Riches and Hannibal, announced this week that he'll follow up his 32-city 2014 Force Majeure tour with a 25-stop stretch of stateside dates in 2015, including two nights in Phoenix.

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Alyson Hannigan Is Coming to Phoenix Comicon 2015

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This one time at Phoenix Comicon, Alyson Hannigan was a special guest.
Call us crazy, but we're starting to suspect that organizers of Phoenix Comicon might be fans of the Whedonverse.

Okay, it's not that big of a stretch, considering that they're die-hard geeks and all, but if you look at some of the bigger guests they've lined up for the event in recent years -- including Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite of Firefly fame, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Eliza Dushku, who (sadly) wound up canceling at the last second -- there's a definite pattern going on.

Heck, Firefly's Summer Glau has even been tapped for this year's event.

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2015 Arizona Governor's Arts Awards Nominees Announced

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Nominees were announced this week for the 34th Arizona Governor's Arts Awards.

A total of 65 individuals and businesses who have made a major and statewide impact on the arts and culture will be considered for the awards, presented by Arizona Citizens for the Arts, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and the office of Governor Doug Ducey.

And the nominees are . . .

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Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Are Coming to Phoenix's Comerica Theatre

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Eric Schwabel
America's coolest couple is coming to Phoenix in April.

Cool couple and true arbiters of whether love is dead Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are hitting the road this spring.

The hilarious pair announced this week that their live show Summer of 69: No Apostrophe is coming to Phoenix's Comerica Theatre on Thursday, April 23, during a 23-city tour across the country.

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Roosevelt Row Developments Inspire Protest in Phoenix

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Lynn Trimble
The building at 420 East Roosevelt Street faces demolition in the wake of new development.
What started with a petition to save one building is poised to morph into a full-blown movement protesting developments that significantly would change the urban landscape of Roosevelt Row.

Though some are preparing pop-up art experiences for Super Bowl fans who visit Roosevelt Row, arguably the best-known arts district in metro Phoenix, others are planning to stage very visible protests.

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Christy Zandlo Leaves Scandalesque to Open Pyrrha Sutra Presents

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Photo credit: Scott Sandry
Change is in the air for Scandalesque co-founders Julianna Curtis and Christy Zandlo. The two women who founded the nightlife entertainment company back in 2004 have parted ways to pursue their own projects.

Zandlo, whose stage name is Pyrrha Sutra, says the split between her and Curtis ended amicably. "It was my decision, I wanted to do my own thing," says Zandlo. "[Curtis] felt if [Scandalesque] stayed, then she'd be competing against me."

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Spare Parts Retells the Story of Phoenix Robotics Team

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Lions Gate Films
George Lopez stars in Spare Parts.

In 2004, a group of Phoenix high schoolers made a splash with a robot named "Stinky."

There's a good chance you've heard this one before. But just in case you need a refresher: Carl Hayden High's robotics team of four Latino boys participated in a NASA-sponsored competition and beat MIT. Their underdog story has been covered extensively by New Times, was made into Mary Mazzio's 2014 documentary Underwater Dreaming, and now it's the subject of Spare Parts, a feature film starring George Lopez out Friday, January 16.

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