Paint PHX Mural Event Returns to Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, and Calle 16

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Lynn Trimble
Detail of a new mural by JB Snyder and Tato Caraveo at Paz Cantina in Roosevelt Row.
Recently we spotted Phoenix artist Tato Caraveo in mural-painting mode at Paz Cantina on Roosevelt Row, where interior walls sport paintings by artists including Lalo Cota and a pair of sculptures now erupt from planters painted by Sabrino Peros and other local artists. You'll spot a new Lalo Cota mural by their nifty bikes, too.

There's a new mural by Angel Diaz and Thomas Breeze Marcus as well, which must be happy news to those who lamented the loss of the mural originally painted there. After folks noticed the earlier mural was painted over with a coat of parrot green, someone better at graffiti than grammar scribbled "Should of left this mural" in capital letters using red spray paint. We've also spotted Pablo Luna painting preliminary lines for his portion of another collaborative mural in progress at Paz Cantina. Come Paint Phx time, we're hoping to get a glimpse of Denver artist Gamma Acosta. Micheal Reyes at Paz Cantina tells me he'll be working a wall that's now covered with simple blue swirls. "It's a big deal," Reyes says of having the famed "Gamma" paint there.

It's a good time for folks in metro Phoenix to go into mural-watch hyperdrive, especially knowing that the advent Paint PHX, a four-day mural painting event, will soon be upon us. Last year, local artists launched the mural marathon that seems destined to become an annual affair.

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Rebecca Green Returns to Phoenix to Paint New Mural at The Lodge on Grand Avenue

Lynn Trimble
Rebecca Green working on her new The Painted Desert mural at The Lodge Art Studio.
Although New Times named Rebecca Green's The Storybook at The Lodge Art Studio the best mural of 2013, Green was never fully satisfied with the work. "It wasn't really planned," she says. But the open wall was there, so she went for it.

"I'll just give it a shot," she recalls thinking at the time. "It took a lot longer than I expected." Green described the mural as "unfinished" when we spoke with her on Saturday, February 14, admitting she "cringed when people took photos of it."

"The whole top part of the mountains was raw," she explained. "A tree wasn't painted, and there was a whole outline of cactus underneath that was only roughed in like a sketch." But that's no longer an issue.

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The I Have A Name Project Presents Photography at Phoenix's MonOrchid, Seeks Funding for Brian Boner Mural

Photo courtesy of Nicole Royse.
Artist Jon Linton.

He is the man with the cardboard sign. She is the woman with the blanket and bedroll. She pushes the shopping cart. He is sleeping in the shadow of the church.

We see them everyday. Yet, it's easy to forget one simple truth: They have names.

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El Mac on His Latest Mural in Phoenix -- And Why It Almost Didn't Happen

Lynn Trimble
Artist El Mac, about 40 cans of spray paint into his newest collaborative mural in Phoenix.
We caught muralist El Mac in the act of art-making at The Heavy Pedal, 1309 E. Van Buren last week, working on his latest Phoenix mural. It's a collaboration between El Mac, Pablo Luna, and Mando Rascón that took a full week of steady work to execute. The results are stunning.

We're wondering how the folks who first commissioned the work will be feeling once they see it. Turns out, The Heavy Pedal team snagged the work for their east-facing wall only after the design's original commissioners decided it wasn't a good fit for their site.

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See Artist James "Dalek" Marshall's New Murals at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

Photo credit: Sean Deckert / Calnicean Projects.
Artist James Marshall, a.k.a. Dalek, stands in front of his recent work at SMoCA.
If you've stepped foot inside inside the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art recently, you may have noticed that things are just a few shades different than normal.

Okay, make that many shades. That's because sister organizations, Scottsdale Public Arts and SMoCA have teamed up once again to make the Old Town arts community a little more colorful by hiring Hurley brand artist James "Dalek" Marshall.

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Here on the Corner to Host Resolana Mural Block Party in Tempe

Ali Dodt
The Resolana Mural Block Party kicks off at 6 p.m. Saturday, May 17 outside Here on the Corner in Tempe.
The Tempe Tapestry just got a lot more vibrant thanks to fashion boutique Here on the Corner and recent ASU graduate Ali Dodt. The young muralist began brainstorming a mural project with Here on the Corner owner Julie Kent back in November of 2013 and began painting the mural in March of this year with help from friends, co-workers, and members of the Tempe community.

As the mural, which is located near Seventh Street and College Avenue in Tempe, receives its finishing touches, Dodt and her team are inviting everyone to join them for a celebratory block party.

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Breeze, Dwayno Insano, and Vyal Painted a Temporary Mural at Phoenix's Por Vida Gallery

Thomas "Breeze" Marcus
The collaboration piece by Thomas "Breeze" Marcus, Dwayne Manuel, and Jaime "Vyal" Reyes will be on display temporarily on 16th St. before it is rotated out to display a new mural.

Three Southwest artists collaborated on a mural for Por Vida Gallery's new wall, built to showcase artists' works by rotating new murals through every few months.

Phoenix-based artist Thomas "Breeze" Marcus collaborated with Tucson's Dwayne Manuel and Jaime "Vyal" Reyes from Los Angeles during the Paint PHX weekend in March to paint the first mural on Por Vida's wall on 16th Street near Barrio Cafe.

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See Douglas Miles' Selfie-Inspired Mural at MonOrchid in Phoenix

Tanya Nguyen
The mural by Douglas Miles is on the East wall of MonOrchid gallery.

Artist Douglas Miles combined stenciling and hand-drawn imagery to create his new mural on the east wall of the MonOrchid Gallery on Roosevelt Street.

Miles, who owns Apache Skateboards, incorporated five black-and-white portraits, including a self-portrait of himself, on the mural in the parking lot alley next to MonOrchid, where the simple palette stands from colorful neighboring murals.

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Jeff Slim, Averian Chee, and Randy Kemp Mural Unveiled at Stepping Stone Place in Phoenix

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John Carbis
Mural at Stepping Stone Place by Averian Chee, Randy Kemp and Jeff Slim.

Contemporary murals are having quite the year in Phoenix.

On Friday, March 28, a who's who of Phoenix, including big wigs from Bank of America, Valley of the Sun United Way, Mayor Greg Stanton and Councilwoman Kate Gallego joined Native American Connections to open the Stepping Stone Place, a permanent, supportive housing project for the formerly homeless -- including those with HIV/AIDS or a permanent disability. Near the end of the lengthy lineup of community speakers, native artists Jeff Slim, Averian Chee, and Randy Kemp were lauded for their collaborative community mural, which was unveiled in the lobby of the building.

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See Yatika Starr Fields' Sonoran Waltz Mural on 16th Street in Phoenix

Tanya Nguyen
The "Sonoran Waltz" mural is on the south wall of Arizona Carpet Care on 16th Street.

Yatika Starr Fields, an artist currently in transition from New York City to Los Angeles, made a stop in Phoenix for the early March mural event Paint PHX to create Sonoran Waltz a new mural on 16th Street.

Fields, a friend of local artists Thomas "Breeze" Marcus and Douglas Miles, was visiting his home state of Oklahoma and found that the timing was right for a drive to Paint PHX to paint his first mural in Arizona.

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