Seed Spot's Demo Day Showcases New Business Ventures in Downtown Phoenix

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Janessa Hilliard
Seed Spot's entrepreneurs take the stage at Demo Day on Thursday, June 5.

When Lindsey Michaelree spoke, you could tell she was slightly nervous. In a floor-length black and white dress, her short blonde hair pulled away from her face, she pitched her plan. And as she continued her voice became stronger. Louder. Impassioned.

The nerves were understandable -- Michaelree was one of an elite group of selected startup owners to take the stage in front of 855 people at the Orpheum Theater Thursday night, but so was the confidence. This was a project she and her husband, Jeff, had worked on for the past four months under the guidance of Phoenix-based incubator Seed Spot. And her presentation, along with the others, was part of the company's bi-annual Demo Day event.

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Ignite Phoenix 15: What We Liked, Learned, and Can't Stop Thinking About

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Mr. Anathema Photography/Ignite Phoenix
Friday night's crowd was a near-mirror image of the scene at Ignite Phoenix 14, held earlier this year in April.

Ignite Phoenix 15, the latest installment in the biannual lecture series, took to the stage at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts on Friday night, as 18 Valley residents shared stories in front of what has come to be an expectedly packed house. The two-hour production allots speakers five minutes and 20 slides each, and the rules end there.

Past Ignite nights have played host to an array of topics: stories of spending 24 hours in a Walmart, rundowns of badass female role models, and conversations titled "The Art of Talking to Strangers."

Friday night was no exception, bouncing from space exploration to yeast to bow ties to ninjas in under 40 minutes -- and that was just the first half. Some gave us pause, while others prompted follow-up conversations on car rides homes. Here are five of our favorites.

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Photos: Here Is New Times' #Artopia 2013 Event Through Instagram

New Times
We asked, you photographed. Below is a sampling of our favorite photos from our annual Artopia event last night at the Monarch Theatre. If for some reason you changed your mind and don't want your photo included here, just drop us a line.

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The Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

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Courtesy of Baltimore Ravens

Last night's game was full of drama. It was the first Super Bowl at the New Orleans' Superdome since Hurricane Katrina. It was the first time in Super Bowl history that a pair of brothers were the coaches going against each other. It was also the first time that Destiny's Child was reuniting since Beyonce ditched the other girls for a brighter future.

Baltimore started the first half pummeling San Francisco so hard that you had to feel bad for the 49ers, and also question how they made it to the biggest game of the year in the first place. Then suddenly in the third quarter the Superdome lost all power, and the game went dark. When the power came back over half an hour later, the momentum had shifted in the 49ers favor, and just like that we actually had a game.

It's no spoiler alert that the Ravens eventually won in the end, or that Beyonce rocked with her half-time performance, but what about the commercials? You know, the event we all really watch the Super Bowl for.

Here's our list of the best five (and a few duds):

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Tequila Fest, Adventure Club, Peppermint Parties, and Holiday Provocatease Over the Weekend (NSFW)

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Andrew Pielage
4th Annual Tequila Fest at US Airways Center
Over 1,500 Tequila lovers showed up on Saturday for the 4th Annual Tequila Fest at the US Airways Center. It was kind of like spring break in Rocky Point except way better Tequila and I didn't leave with a weird mushroom tattoo. Patrons paid $45 dollars at the door and were treated to Tequila from more than 100 different vendors.

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Five Favorite Looks Spotted at Fashion's Night Out

fno collage.jpg
Photos by Melissa Fossum
We spotted local tastemakers every which way, including Misty Guerriero of Vintage by Misty (top right in black and white stripes) and Phoenix Fashion Week Exec Director Brian Hill (bottom right looking dapper as usual).
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For Fashion's Night Out, Valley dwellers turned up in their chicest, sleekest duds. We snapped away at the fashionable frolicking at Scottsdale Fashion Square and The Saguaro's after party and found plenty of trend-conscious attendees. Here are our five favorite looks we spotted last night.

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Seven ASU Sun Devil Dance Moves in Animated GIF

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sun devil students celebrating.JPG
Benjamin Leatherman
Some of the many rowdy Sun Devils at Thursday night's ASU football game in Tempe.

Think you're a die-hard fan of Arizona State University's football squad? Well, in all likelihood you're nowhere near as passionate about ASU pigskin as the hundreds of madcap maroon-and-gold-wearing college kids who occupy the student section at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.

Spirited doesn't begin to describe the activities of the students who attend every single home game for ASU. These Sun Devils get plenty loud with nonstop cheers and a variety of rituals including shaking their car keys and hollering when an opposing team is about to receive a kick off. They're also known to shake their moneymakers whenever ASU scores a touchdown or unleash a trio of tomahawk chops during third down by ASU's opponents. Plus, they enjoy gathering out in the parking lot and getting into a rager before and after each game.

Such activity was in abundance during the first Sun Devil game of the year on Thursday night, where the team kicked the crap out of the NAU Lumberjacks by a score of 63-6, which we captured and turned into several humorous animated GIFs for your enjoyment.

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Third Friday, Morrissey, Coffee, Cookies & Crafts, and Ninja Turtle Madness over the Weekend

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otw_Third friday.jpg
Downtown's Third Friday (Nov. 18) 
Art walks are more often about people watching and shenanigans and less about the actual art. Third Fridays in downtown Phoenix are a little different. Check out the scene at a few of Downtown's favorite galleries.

Morrissey has never been the kind of artist to shy away from what's on his mind. Animal rights is a topic near and dear to the man's heart, and while songs like "Meat is Murder" address the topic artfully, The Moz has resorted to uglier (some would say racist) statements to get his point across.

The caffeinated, sugar-induced craft bonanza that is Coffee, Cookies & Crafts ushered in a marathon of holiday-themed gifts, craft supplies, and interactive activities in Downtown's Bragg's Pie Factory. 

The Royale Theater in Mesa hosted the perfect night for those who like their nostalgia in a half shell. Zia and Cult Classics also presented a variety of cult memorabilia for those still working on their collection. We were unable to find the holy grail of TMNT gear: a life size Krang suit. Oh well, maybe in Dimension X.

Dia de los Muertos, Daggers' Death Race, Cupcake Love-in, and SMoCA's Fall Opening Over the Weekend

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Dia De Los Muertos at Desert Botanical Garden 
The Desert Botanical Garden celebrated Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, this weekend. The Mexican community celebrated the dead with traditional music, art, stories and food. 

Each Halloween, local BMX collective, The Daggers, hosts a bicycle-mounted scavenger hunt through some Tempe's more seedy areas. The ride is full of traps, vague misdirection, and awesome. Sabotage is encouraged.

This year's Cupcake Love-in was the ultimate event for the sweet tooth crowd. Once participants checked in and collected swag bags, and wrist bands for unlimited cupcakes. That's right -- unlimited cupcakes from more than 30 local vendors.

SMoCA's Fall Exhibitions and Lounge Opening 
The local arts community and friends flocked to Scottsdale for Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's debut of the 2011 Fall exhibitions (which will be open until early January) and its new lounge on Friday. 

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First Friday, Splash Pool Party, Designer Toys, and Sade Over the Weekend

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Kitten Paws, Glass Blowers and Vacant Lots at First Friday
September's First Friday hit Downtown Phoenix last night. This month's edition included the usual collection of overdressed teenagers, sweltering galleries and overwhelmingly outdated requests for free hugs. Fortunately it also included the Kitten Paws Vintage Pop Up Shop at New City Studio, the opening of the Circle 6 glass studio and the A.R.T.S. transformation of a vacant lot on Roosevelt...see photos.

Toxic & Tasty at Red Hot Robot
Do you like monsters? Hell yeah, you do. Well so do artists Paperdaniel and Blurble. They love monsters so much that they created an entire show of their creations currently on display at Red Hot Robot...see photos.

Last SPLASH Pool Party
Pool party season is coming to and end and with it the SPLASH pool party series. The last SPLASH of the summer soaked the Lexington Hotel on Saturday night. The hipster set danced and splashed the night away to performances by local bands such as Minibosses, Sweetbleeders and Hot Birds & The Chili Sauce. Special guest DJ Mizl supplied additional beats...see photos.

Sade at US Airways Center
Sade (the woman, not the band) doesn't seem like she has to work very hard live. If there's ever an audience willing to plunk down $149 for the good seats, load up on $25 glossy programs, posters, t-shirts, and memorabilia -- it's Sade's...full story

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