Tania Katan and Katie McFadzen to Lead IN FLUX Cycle 5 Public Art Tour -- Here's a Sneak Peek

Categories: Visual Art

Lynn Trimble
Detail of Chelsea Bighorn's Scottsdale installation for IN FLUX Cycle 5.
Public art nerds, take note. Local performing arts mavens Tania Katan and Katie McFadzen are boarding buses on the morning of Sunday, May 3, joined by fellow fans of public art, for a one-day, seven-city tour of public art works.

Participants will get to see more than a dozen works created for IN FLUX Cycle 5, the latest iteration of a public art program started by Scottsdale Public Art in 2010. Most works are on view through October, but this is your only chance to experience them with a bus full of fellow art lovers and shenanigan-prone chaperones McFadzen and Katan. All but two IN FLUX 5 artists are participating, too -- by either riding the bus or being on-site when the bus makes its way to their installation.

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Jon Jenkins: 2015 Big Brain Awards Finalist, Design

Evie Carpenter
Jon Jenkins thinks Phoenix is worthy and needs to be documented.
You submitted nominations for the best and brightest emerging Valley creatives, and the results are in. Presenting the 2015 Big Brain finalists.

Leading up to the announcement of winners at Artopia on May 9, Jackalope Ranch, Chow Bella, and Up on the Sun will introduce the finalists. Up today is Jon Jenkins.

"Phoenix is a secret," Jon Jenkins says as he sits in First Draft Book Bar, a pair of Phoenix Art Museum sunglasses hanging from his shirt pocket and the newest issue of Cereal magazine next to him on the table.

The 26-year-old filmmaker and photographer left his home state of Florida seven years ago to attend Scottsdale Community College's film school, known as one of the top programs in the nation, and got swept up in Phoenix's arts community.

"This place is sweet," Jenkins says. "This place lets you do whatever you want to do."

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The Social Justice Project Blends Poetry, Dance, Politics at Mesa Arts Center

Courtesy of Mesa Arts Center
Artists who are part of The Soul Justice Project ensemble performing May 1 at MAC.
Local artists are putting their creative spin on social justice conversations surrounding immigration, LGBTQ rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement in a collaborative performance piece they'll present Friday, May 1, at Mesa Arts Center.

It's part of The Social Justice Project, an ongoing enterprise in promoting community awareness and dialogue that was developed by Phonetic Spit artists Myrlin Hepworth and Tomas Stanton. Phonetic Spit uses hip hop and poetry to "combat illiteracy, cultural alienation, and silence."

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3 Free Cinco de Mayo Events in Metro Phoenix This Week

Categories: Events

Melissa Fossum
Get your Chihuahua fix during Cinco de Mayo Festival 2015.
Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, and while May 5 doesn't mark the anniversary of Mexico's independence like many think, it is still a worthy reason for celebration. And what's better than celebrating? Celebrating for free, duh. Here are our three picks for celebrating Cinco de Mayo without dropping a single cent.

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Phoenix Named Among America's Least Bike-Friendly Cities

Categories: Bicycle Culture

Sascha Kohlmann/Flickr
Phoenix may not have made BetterDoctor's list, but our local cyclists know better.

Looks like Phoenix made it on somebody's naughty list -- again. A new study, published as a blog post by BetterDoctor.com, found Phoenix to be one of America's 10 least bike-friendly cities. We spoke about these findings with with Divya Raghavan, the Bay-area analyst who created the list, and with local cycling advocate John Romero.

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5 Best Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

Categories: Events

Phil Weaver-Stoesz
Catch micro-performances throughout ASU Art Museum this week.


What if ASU Art Museum were a bunker? And what if said bunker was holding a store of water? That's the premise of [DE/AS]cending, a theatrical and immersive experience that brings two troupes of master of fine arts students who specialize in theater to engage spaces throughout the museum.

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Xanthia Walker of Rising Youth Theatre: 2015 Big Brain Awards Finalist, Performing Art

Evie Carpenter
Xanthia Walker wants to give young people a way to be involved in all aspects of theater through Rising Youth Theatre.
You submitted nominations for the best and brightest emerging Valley creatives, and the results are in. Presenting the 2015 Big Brain finalists.

Leading up to the announcement of winners at Artopia on May 9, Jackalope Ranch, Chow Bella, and Up on the Sun will introduce the finalists. Up today is Xanthia Walker.

Xanthia Walker sits in a room with a zombie nurse, a fox, and a girl in a platinum blond wig.

She's invited them to meet with her and some other Rising Youth Theatre staff. Well, technically the invitation was for the people inside the costumes to attend RYT's cosplay workshop so Walker, partner Sarah Sullivan, and their playwright could research fandoms for the theater's next production.

Sitting in a circle, the attendees, many of whom had never worked with RYT before, went around and discussed the different shows, movies, and comics they loved. In the midst of excited outbursts caused by someone mentioning a certain character, Walker scribbled down notes in a journal, the phrase "fail better" scrawled in pen on the inside of her wrist.

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5 Great Beginner Hikes in Metro Phoenix

Zaida Dedolph
Cave Creek Regional Park is a great place for a half-day hike.

According to a new survey by Mashable and Match.com, "hike" is the most commonly used word in online dating profiles in the state of Arizona. We believe it -- and with so many gorgeous desert trail options in or near Phoenix, we can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to go take a hike. If you're new to the Valley, or if you're just getting started at the hiking game, here's a list of relatively easy local trails to get you started.

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Marvel at Horror Film Unfriended, a Surprisingly Good Movie About the Internet

Categories: Film and TV

Universal Pictures
Unfriended is 85 minutes of watching someone else use a computer.
On Voice Film Club podcast, we marvel at teen horror film Unfriended, and while it is "85 minutes of watching someone else use a computer," the filmmaker's adept at turning a screen into a natural storytelling platform: "Director Levan Gabriadze summons up exquisite unease just by the way a cursor darts about a desktop."

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10 Rules for Your Bachelorette Party

Categories: Fun

The Weinstein Company
Don't be surprised if a stripper shows up.
With the wedding planning well underway and bridesmaids all picked out, it's time to start brainstorming ideas for your bachelorette party. Ideally, this pink and PatrĂ³n-fueled affair will become an evening that you and your friends inside joke about for years to come. But before you let your hair down, ladies, there are few things you should know. Here are our 10 rules to abide by on your big night out with the girls.

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