89 Places to Shop in Metro Phoenix: Super Bowl Guide

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Hey there, Phoenix! We're rolling out the grassy green carpet in honor of the biggest event to hit town since - well, since the last Super Bowl rolled through. The 49th annual celebration of all things professional football promises to be the grandest yet, and Phoenix New Times has it all mapped out. From parties and Super Bowl-centric events to must-do restaurants, bars, shopping and attractions, we've got you covered.

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Bridget Whitman on Being a So You Think You Can Dance Finalist and Growing up in Tempe

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Courtesy of Fox So You Think You Can Dance
Bridget Whitman of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 trained at Tempe Dance Academy.
When the top 10 finalists from Season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance hit the stage at Comerica Theatre on Sunday, January 25, Tempe-born Bridget Whitman will be among them -- performing not only for fans of Fox's hit TV show, but also friends, family, and fellow dancers from her metro Phoenix days.

Raised in Tempe and Chandler, Whitman left Arizona in 2012 to attend The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she majors in dance and expects to complete her BFA degree in May of 2016.

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5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Weekend

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Mark Gluckman
King Lear features Emily Mohney as Regan, Allison Sell as Cordelia, and Jordan Letson as Goneril.


We firmly hesitate to call any Valley event "Winterfest" unless it includes an artificially frozen puddle surrounded by trucked-in snowbanks. Nevertheless, it is technically hibernal outside, and Southwest Shakepeare's Winterfest repertory programming at Mesa Arts Center, One East Main Street, goes heavy on the fest, so everything comes out even.

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WWE Returns to Phoenix's Talking Stick Resort Arena in March

Benjamin Leatherman
WWE superstar Seth Rollins poses at a taping of Smackdown in Phoenix last year.
Pro wrestling fans of the Valley, better start planning your posters. The superstars of the WWE are heading back our way in the near future and are planning to rumble inside the Talking Stick Resort Arena (formerly known as US Airways Center) in downtown Phoenix once again.

The WWE announced earlier this week that it will stage a live, non-televised event at the arena on Saturday, March 21, featuring at least a dozen current wrestlers going toe-to-toe inside the squared circle. Tickets for the event go on sale Friday, January 23.

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10 Rules for Having a One-Night Stand

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Flickr / vmiramontes

One-night stands can come in all different forms. Sometimes you're looking for the right one and you end up finding the right one for right now. Other times, you might be looking for a casual fling. Some nights, you're an alcohol-induced mistake. Other nights, you're the one making the alcohol-induced mistake.

The bottom line is that one-night stands can happen to almost anyone, and there are some guidelines to follow that are going to make your experience a whole lot better. We're not saying you have to live and die by these, but they're 10 rules we recommend for having a one-night stand.

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Orange Theatre Among Top Grant Winners at Arizona Art Tank 2015

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Courtesy of Arizona Commission on the Arts
Orange Theatre landed a $10,000 Arizona Art Tank grant after giving their 6-minute pitch in Peoria.
Business types will tell you it's best to keep a one-minute "elevator speech" at the ready. Typically, that's about all the time you get to reply after someone asks about what you make or do.

But 32 Arizona artists and arts organizations had the luxury of a full six minutes to pitch their "innovative arts-based ventures" during this year's round of Arizona Art Tank events presented by the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

"It's fascinating to see how different artists explain the work they're doing and the work they want to do," says Robert Booker, executive director for Arizona Commission on the Arts. When the Arizona Association of the Deaf pitched their venture in Peoria, an on-stage presenter used sign language while a translator in front of the audience helped those not proficient in American Sign Language to understand their words. "Everybody that presented this year was really at the top of their game," Booker says.

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25 Favorite Cosplayers from Taiyou Con 2015

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Which one of these is not like the other?

If you're a major fan of anime (a.k.a. Japanese animation), you probably were at Taiyou Con out in Mesa this past weekend. Ditto for anyone who happens to be into manga, shonen, imported video games, J-pop, or otaku culture, as such things are the focus of the annual convention out in Mesa.

That said, Taiyou Con tends to attract a significant number of geeks of every stripe each year, regardless of what their particular fandom might be. It's why you'll see a smattering of Stormtroopers and Time Lords mixing in with the usual assortment of Gokus, Pikachus, and Afro Samurais.

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Baggage Claim: One Writes About Murderess Winnie Ruth Judd at One's Own Expense

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Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, History and Archives Division, Phoenix, #13-0079
On April 6, 1933, Winnie Ruth Judd wrote her "first and only confession of the case of the homicide of Anne LeRoi and Hedvig Samuelson."
One must wait, on humid days, for the file boxes at the Arizona State Archives to come to room temperature before handling their contents. The boxes are stored at 55 degrees to slow the aging of the fragile paper they contain. It's worth the wait, if what one is doing is looking objectively at an 83-year-old murder case that rocked the nation and put Phoenix on the map in a particularly terrible way. If one is there seeking clues that have been overlooked or deliberately concealed by previous reporters covering the case, the archives are a treasure trove of revelations, some of them blatantly obvious in their importance to this long-notorious case.

I've visited the archives many times before and since publishing a feature this past September about Winnie Ruth Judd, the notorious Phoenix "trunk murderess" who became internationally famous in 1931 after killing her two best friends, Anne LeRoi and Sammy Samuelson, dismembering one of them, shoving both bodies into several pieces of luggage, and taking them on the night train to L.A.

See also: Ruthless: A Long-Lost Confession Letter May Finally Tell the Real Story of Winnie Ruth Judd

Researching and writing the story changed what I thought I knew about the Judd case. After it was published, I heard from Judd scholars who wanted to talk about motives and from people who complained that I hadn't shared my own theory. Others wanted to share their theories: Ruth was part of a prostitution ring; she was out of town when the murders happened; she was covering for someone else who'd committed the crimes while she was at a party. This gruesome story, I discovered, hadn't lost its macabre luster.

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Lloyd Parrack of Phoenix's Gypsy Rose Tattoo on the Road Trip That Changed His Life

Josh Chesler
Lloyd Parrack, owner of Gypsy Rose Tattoo, has seen a lot since beginning his tattooing career in the '90s.

Every tattoo artist has that moment when they realize that inking people for a living is what they want to do with their lives. For some, it starts at an early age from an infatuation with tattoos, others find it when they realize they're doing more doodling than homework in school. For Lloyd Parrack, that moment came when he decided to follow his father's longstanding advice and not live the rest of his life as a mechanic.

"I grew up working on cars, and I was just over it," says Parrack, who now owns Gypsy Rose Tattoo, 1505 E. Thomas Rd., in Phoenix. "My dad always said he didn't want me to work as hard as he did for the rest of my life, so I wanted to find something else."

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Victoria's Secret Models to Party at Bentley Gallery in Phoenix

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Courtesy Rogers & Cowan
Let's be real, the Super Bowl isn't just about football. It's about over-the-top halftime shows, multi-million dollar television ads, and of course, scantily clad supermodels hosting high-priced parties.

A 12-year tradition, the Leather and Laces weekend party is coming to Phoenix in celebration of Super Bowl XLIX happening Sunday, February 1, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. The two-night event will be hosted by Victoria's Secret models Lily Aldridge and Behati Prinsloo on Friday, January 30, and Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima and supermodel Erin Heatherton on Saturday, January 31, at warehouse district art gallery Bentley Projects. Because this is obviously art, people.

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