Oscar de la Renta Dead at 82

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Matti Hillig
Oscar de la Renta photographed during a visit to Spain.
Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died at 82.

The Dominican-American designer was known for his evening wear, worn by First Ladies and leading ladies alike. He recently made headlines for designing Amal Clooney's wedding dress.

De la Renta studied under Cristóbal Balenciaga and Antonio del Castillo. He started his eponymous label in 1965 and was among the handful of New York-based fashion designers who helped bring American fashion to global, particularly European, recognition.

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9 Lessons Learned at Phoenix Design Week's Letterpress Workshop at Hazel & Violet Ink

Heather Hoch
Jeryl Jones of Pumpkin Patch Press and Cindy and Gary Iverson of Letterpress Central lead the workshop.
Phoenix Design Week filled the downtown area with folks looking to beautify the city last weekend. The event featured workshops, seminars, and more, and we couldn't help but join in for a letterpress workshop at Hazel & Violet. Being newbies ourselves, we had a lot to learn at the small, 20-person class. Here are nine things that stuck with us long after the ink dried on our handmade posters.

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Cole and Dayna Reed of greenHAUS to Leave Arizona, Despite Legal Same-Sex Marriage

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Katrina Montgomery
GreenHAUS is home to Lauren Lee's mural, Three Birds.

Dayna and Cole Reed's plans to leave Arizona because of non-progressive LGBTQ laws were unchanged by the state's legalization of same-sex marriage on Friday, October 17.

The Reeds own Roosevelt Row boutique and gallery, greenHAUS, and plan to close it in early February 2015 because they are moving to Portland, Oregon, where same-sex marriage has been legal since May 2014 and out-of-state same-sex marriages have been recognized since October 2013. The couple, who were legally married in New York in 2012, have a baby on the way and want to ensure they're in a place where each of their parental rights are protected.

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FearCON Brings Walking Dead and American Horror Story Actors to Phoenix

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Courtesy of FX
American Horror Story: Coven's Jennifer Lynn Warren will appear at FearCON.
Halloweekend is going to be jam-packed with great spooky events here in Phoenix. From haunted houses to slasher screenings, there's plenty to fill up your schedule, but true horror enthusiasts need look no further than this year's FearCON. Billed as Arizona's largest independent horror event, you can expect scary movie screenings, panels discussing your favorite freaky TV shows, and even some special celebrity guests on Saturday and Sunday, November 1 and 2.

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5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

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Charles Knowles/Flickr
Not to get all corny, but this maze is a fall favorite.
You have exactly 11 days to come up with a Halloween costume. While we've dealt you a lifeline with our roundup of 2014's hottest costumes, we can appreciate that you're waiting for inspiration to strike -- or paralyzed by fear of choosing between being an emoji or banding together with your pals to become the Spice Girls. Apart from freaking out about what to wear to this year's parties (that Miley getup is not going to cut it a second year in a row), here's what you should pencil in for this week.

Fall Festival and Corn Maze

Time to throw on some flannel, pick up your pumpkin spice latte and head to the East Valley for the annual Fall Festival and Corn Maze. This seasonal event features a seven acre corn maze, mule rides, a grain train, barrel rides, a pumpkin patch, a spider web rope climb, pedal race cars, farm animals, and plenty of places for a holiday family photo op.

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10 Best Haunted Houses in Metro Phoenix

Categories: Fun

Benjamin Leatherman
They're coming to get you.
As if you couldn't already tell by all the colorful billboards dotting freeways or intense advertisements airing nonstop on the radio, haunted houses are a big moneymaker. And we mean monstrously big, to the tune of millions of dollars.

It makes total sense, considering everyone likes a good scare this time of year, which any of the more than a dozen different haunted houses in the metro Phoenix are willing to provide, whether it's a case of the heebie-jeebies or something that might require a change of underwear.

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Hannah Minkner on Making Friends, the Power of Instagram, and Forging Your Own Way

Madeleine Alexandra Browning
Hannah Minkner will be speaking about her love of collaboration at the Method + Madness Conference Saturday, October 18.
"Seriously, it's all about making friends."

That's one of the last lines in Phoenix photographer Hannah Minkner's "about" section on her website Weekends Are for Lovers, or WAFL. But after spending even half an hour with Minkner, whose background is in design work, it is clear that this is not just a hokey, feel-good cliche for the 25-year-old. It is a way of life, infused in everything she does, and it has gotten her where she is today.

In her talk "Be Free, Not Cheap: Why I Love Collaboration" Saturday, October 18, at the Method + Madness Conference during Phoenix Design Week, Minkner will explain why she's so drawn to getting to know and work with other creatives, rather than just taking on clients, and will probably show you some pretty amazing photos of friends she's made along the way.

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Dear White People, Go See Dear White People (PODCAST)

Categories: Film and TV

Code Red Films
Tyler James Williams (center) stars in Justin Simien's Dear White People.

With the news that Paul Feig is going to reboot Ghostbusters with an all-female cast, we wonder on this week's Voice Film Club podcast what it would be like if they re-did another '80s classic: Young Guns. We then move onto the latest Brad Pitt World War II movie, Fury, which is ultra violent. Amy Nicholson of LA Weekly says, "I like a war movie where they talk about how war is just really awful...this is muddy in-the-trenches war movie." Joined as always by Alan Scherstuhl and Stephanie Zacharek of the Village Voice, the trio then moves onto Justin Simien's much-anticipated new film, Dear White People (be sure to read our interview with Simien), and then to post-apocalyptic Western Young Ones, written and directed by Jake Paltrow.

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Chuck Palahniuk on Beautiful You, Arousal Addiction, and Chick Lit

Categories: Books, Interviews

Courtesy of Chuck Palahniuk
Palahniuk will be at Dobson High School in Mesa on October 23.

When he graduated from the University of Oregon with a journalism degree in 1986, Chuck Palahniuk probably didn't think he would go on to be a bestselling author and one of the most popular novelists for a generation that isn't exactly known for its love of books.

And when Palahniuk, now 52, began taking fiction-writing classes while working for truck manufacturer Freightliner, he might not have thought it would lead to him writing over 15 (and counting) internationally renowned books translated into several languages.

But it did. Though the author hasn't let it affect him too much.

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5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Weekend

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Roger Erickson
Read our interview with Wanda Sykes.

Wanda Sykes

Love or hate her, Wanda Sykes doesn't give a, well, you know. Her philosophy of "I'ma Be Me" has been brought on by a life of adversity and adjustment. The comic has tackled everything from race to gender, divorce to cancer, and homosexuality to parenthood, all while bringing it with her to the stage, the screen, or the pen and paper. No topic is too taboo, and no political screwup goes unnoticed when Sykes is in the room, making her the life of the party and the little brassy voice most of us have but don't use.

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