Star Wars Episode VII Finally Has a Title -- And It's Kinda Lame

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The Sith has hit the fans.

Star Wars fans, get ready to geek the eff out. Episode VII has a title: The Force Awakens. Conversely, Star Wars haters can now start dishing out the snarky puns, online or otherwise.

Within the last hour or so, the Mouseketeers at Disney and Lucasfilm that are in charge of the Star Wars franchise officially announced the title of the first flick in the sequel trilogy, which is scheduled to be released on December 18, 2015.

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Doctor Who's Paul McGann and Colin Baker Coming to Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest

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BBC America
Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in the mini-episode "The Night of the Doctor."
A couple of doctors are going to make a house call to the first-ever Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest -- and if you happen to be wondering "Doctor who?" then you're on the right track.

Organizers announced on Tuesday, October 14, that Doctor Who actors Colin Baker and Paul McGann, who respectively played the sixth and eighth versions of the titular Time Lord on the long-running BBC science fiction show, will appear at the event, which is scheduled to take place from December 12 to December 14 at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Whovians of the Valley, better start charging up your sonic screwdrivers.

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The Marvel Experience Is Coming to Scottsdale. Are You Ready?

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If you have ever sat there in a movie theater or on your couch at home and wondered what it would be like to actually be in one of the Marvel movies you love so much, you're going to have the opportunity to do just that and more when the Marvel Experience debuts Salt River Fields at Talking Stick for its first-ever preview.

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See the "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, October 8

Ivan Velazco via Flickr
For those of you who missed the total eclipse back in April, we have some good news.

It's coming back around again. And again, and again.

Between the years 2014 and 2015, there will be four total eclipses in succession, each separated by six lunar months (six full moons), constituting what astronomers call a lunar tetrad. The second eclipse in this lunar tetrad will happen on Wednesday, October 8. For those living in the Phoenix area, the total eclipse will begin around 3:25 a.m., peak at 3:55, and end by 4:25.

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Zombie Walk 6 Comes to Downtown Phoenix October 25

Jeremiah Toller and Tina Riddle
The undead are about unleashed.
Hide your kids, hide your wife, and, most importantly, hide your brains because the undead are taking over Phoenix once again.

The annual Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk is making its sixth return to Heritage and Science Park on Saturday, October 25. In past years, organizers of the community event have had more than 5,000 undead locals staggering through the streets of downtown. But this year, they'll need to nearly double number of zombie participants in order to achieve their goal: breaking the Guinness World Record.

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Phoenix Comicon Announces December Fan Fest 2014

Benjamin Leatherman
Get excited, Comicon fans.
Ask and you shall receive.

For those who've wished that Comicon could happen more than once a year, your voices have been heard, loud and clear. After a suspenseful three-day countdown, organizers of the annual summer convention announced on Saturday, September 27, that they would be hosting a new sister event Friday, December 12, through Sunday, December 14, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

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5 Favorite Costumes From Saboten Con 2014 in Glendale

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Autumn Ivy, Heidi Wyatt, Samantha Adair, Dana Dodge portray a quartet of "BooBies" waitresses from Space Dandy at Saboten Con 2014 in Glendale.
Japanese pop culture can often be a bit colorful and imaginative, to put it mildly. Maybe we're showing our gaijin (or foreigner) by saying such things, but it seems that much of what constitutes entertainment by denizens of the Asian isle -- be it video games, TV shows, movies, literature, or animation -- tends to be splashy, flashy, fanciful, or even a little weird.

So it stands to reason that an event like Saboten Con, the yearly event that's arguably the largest Japanese pop culture convention in the Southwest, would be just as colorful and imaginative. And it was, particularly the costumes worn by its attendees.

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Vote For Your Favorite PBS Nerd Walk T-Shirt Design Through September 15

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Benjamin Leatherman
The six finalists in Eight Arizona's PBS Nerd Walk T-shirt design contest on display at Bookmans in Phoenix.
When gaggles of local geeks stroll down University Drive in Tempe on November 1 for this year's PBS Nerd Walk, many will be clad in cheery, gold-colored T-shirts adorned with a particularly nerdy bit of artwork. And exactly what piece of art will be featured on said shirts? Well, that's entirely up to y'all.

Earlier this month, the staff of local PBS station Eight, Arizona unveiled six finalists in its contest to design the T-shirts for the annual Nerd Walk -- and it's now up to the public to decide which one is the best.

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George Takei Screens New Documentary Tonight at Harkins Shea 14 in Scottsdale

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Get ready to lose your Sulu-loving mind.

Actor, activist, social media star, and part-time Arizona resident George Takei and his husband Brad are hosting a special screening of the new documentary To Be Takei: A Star's Trek for Life, Liberty, and Love in Scottsdale tonight, August 26. The film, which is playing exclusively at Harkins Shea 14, will screen at 7 p.m. and conclude with a Q&A with the Takeis.

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6 Things We Learned at Phoenix DinoCon 2014

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Hold onto your butts.
Didja happen to know that every dinosaur may have had feathers? What about the notion that the Tyrannosaurus Rex most likely had really bad breath, given that it ate nothing but meat and probably never brushed between meals?

We boned up on these seemingly random factoids this past weekend while hanging out at Phoenix DinoCon 2014, the annual one-day pop cultural convention devoted to the larger-than-life lizards.

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