11 Hottest Halloween Costume Trends for 2014

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Benjamin Leatherman
Rocking costumes in Scottsdale during Halloween 2014.
Quick question: If you could be anything for Halloween this year -- and we mean anything -- what would you choose? And forget about doing the pirate, vampire, or steampunk thing yet again. Ditto for Miley Cyrus, Walter White, or Daft Punk. Those are sooo 2013.

Since Halloween is essentially wish fulfillment writ large, perhaps you could become some of the larger-than-life heroes and villains you've seen on television or the big screen recently, especially if you've got a surplus amount of cash, craftiness, and cosplay savvy to make such a fantasy a reality (or at least a few geek friends willing to help). One thing that's inevitably in short supply, however, is time, as there's exactly a month to go until Halloween.

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10 Tinder Tips for Women

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Josh Chesler
"Guess which person you're supposed to be looking at" is about the worst game you can play on Tinder.

Whether you use the social media/online dating platform known as Tinder, you've probably at least heard about it by now.

For the three of you who don't know what it is, Tinder is an app that allows you to communicate with people with whom you have a mutual attraction (based on geography, a few photos, and a short description).

Generally speaking, guys take a lot of crap for making fools out of themselves on Tinder, but the truth is that the ladies do some things just as badly as the dudes. Here are 10 tips for women using Tinder.

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10 Signs You're a Side Chick

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Katie Tegtmeyer / Flickr
Sometimes you may think he's all yours, but he's got other plans.

We don't condone having or being a side chick, but the fact of the matter is that it happens. Not everyone can be the starter all the time, so some ladies end up settling into their role as a back-up, regardless of their intentions. Just because you don't know you're a side chick doesn't mean you're not, but there are a lot of red flags you can look for if you think you might be.

Here are 10 signs he thinks of you as a side chick.

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10 Things Men Say While Flirting (And What They Really Mean)

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Maxime Guilbot/Flickr
Ladies, we realize how dumb some of the stuff we say to you sounds, particularly in a bar.

Men say a lot of stuff while they're trying to find their way into a woman's heart (or bedroom). Sometimes it works. Sometimes it's just plain stupid. Sometimes it works even though it's just plain stupid. The bottom line is that our basic social interactions often depend on this possibly idiotic banter.

Here are 10 of the top things guys say while flirting, along with what we really mean when we say them.

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10 Things Found Only in Bachelor Pads

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Empty beer cans aren't the only telltale sign of an all-male household, but they're a good start.

It shouldn't shock anyone that men and women might prefer to live in significantly different situations, but the truth is a lot of guys will clean up their lives (or at least their homes) when they get into at least a semi-serious relationship. You might think your boyfriend or husband leaves your home a dirty mess now, but just ask him about his place before he got together with you. Not every guy lives in a pigsty, but there are some things that can be found in most bachelor pads and generally not any other adult's home.

Here are 10 things that you probably won't see anywhere a woman's living.

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Bornean Orangutan Born at Phoenix Zoo

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Courtesy of the Phoenix Zoo
Apologies to all you newborn parents, but the cutest baby in metro Phoenix right now currently resides at the Phoenix Zoo.

And yeah, okay, he's technically an orangutan.

On Tuesday, September 2, Bornean orangutans Bess and Michael welcomed their second offspring. The yet-unnamed male was delivered that afternoon in good health under the supervision of the zoo staff.

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10 Things Women Think Men Care About -- But They Don't

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Courtney Rhodes/Flickr
Spending a lot of time and money on nails is cool and all, but most men probably won't even notice them unless you point them out.

Ladies, there are a lot of things you can do to make yourself appealing to guys. Unfortunately for many of you, it's usually not the stuff you think it is. Believe it or not, most dudes aren't going to notice a lot of the little things that you think you're doing for them. To save you some time and energy, here's a list of 10 things (in no particular order) that the majority of heterosexual males couldn't care less about.

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15 Ridiculously Cute Animals to Follow on Instagram

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In case you couldn't tell, we love Instagram. Whether it's athletes and photographers to follow, or learning about how to up our photography game, we can't get enough of this app. However, there is a large part of Instagram that we can ignore no longer: animals.

There is basically an Instagram account for any kind of animal you can think of, and, of course, there are probably too many dedicated to people's dogs and cats. But some have risen above the rest and caught more of our attention than we'd like to admit. And now we have decided to share with you our favorite animals to follow on Instagram.

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Should I Take This Selfie? A Guide for Grownups

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Flickr via Porsche Brosseau
It's a question for the ages.

To selfie or not to selfie? That is the question.

On the one hand, who doesn't love to indulge their narcissistic side every once in a while? But on the other hand, selfies are terrible, embarrassing, and sometimes dangerous byproducts of a self-indulgent, technology-obsessed culture. Teens have it easy. We expect selfies from them. Adults? Not so much. Yet, we, legal adults, are guilty of participating in these photographic faux pas, too.

There are few occasions when adult selfies are acceptable, perhaps even encouraged, but much more frequent are the times when they are unacceptable. It can be tricky to tell, phone in hand and reverse camera pointed at your face, if this moment is one of those acceptable times to selfie. So we have devised a guide to help you. Read carefully, good luck, and selfie if you dare.

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The Air Sex World Championships to Return to Phoenix in August

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Ryan Wolf
Midnite Movie Mamacita took to the stage at the 2010 competition.
Ordinarily, faking it during sex is pretty much considered to be bad form and also might lead to hurt feelings, bruised egos, and maybe even a breakup.

However, faking it during the Air Sex World Championships, especially in over-the-top fashion, is not only acceptable, but is downright expected, and might lead to excited cheers, an afterglow of triumph, and maybe even nationwide fame.

As you can guess by its name, the raunchy and ridiculous touring event -- which takes place in cities across the U.S., including a stop at Phoenix's FilmBar next month -- encourages its hump-happy participants to bust out with over-exaggerated and ludicrously humorous simulations of sexual activity with invisible partners that's set to music.

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