Lesbian Dating App Her Launches in Phoenix

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Courtesy of Her
Looks like every night is now ladies night, thanks to a new dating app by London-based entrepreneur Robyn Exton. Formerly known as Dattch (a slightly clever but not so catchy blend of the words "date" and catch"), Her is a dating platform designed specifically for lesbians and bisexual women.

Although the app originally launched in the United Kingdom back in 2013, the program rebranded and rereleased back in February of this year. Now, with a new name a new media attention, Her is launching in cities throughout the United States, including, as of Wednesday, March 25, Phoenix.

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9 Signs You're Falling into a Thirst Trap

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In the days before our lives became dominated by texting and social media, ambiguously sexual messages had to be sent out one at a time.

But these days, men and women are only a click away from reaching hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people with a simple Tweet, filtered Instagram photo, or Facebook post including a possibly (but not necessarily) sexual connotation.

They're called thirst traps, and they're set using a wide variety of social media platforms. Here are nine signs you might be falling into one of them.

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8 Spring Workshops to Take in Metro Phoenix

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Evie Carpenter
Start your spring off right by learning a new skill, like letterpress from Phoenix Print Studio.
Out with the old and in with the new, they say. This spring, we're going to go ahead and assume this is talking about hobbies and skills too. While we're not exactly sure it's possible to get rid of old talents, we are sure that's there's always room for improvement, especially when it comes to things like Bollywood dancing, making snail mail, and painting with beeswax.

We've collected eight workshops to help you better yourself or at least expand your interests and abilities this spring. And who know? In a couple months, you could be improv-ing or letter-pressing with the best of 'em.

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23 Best Festivals in Metro Phoenix This Spring

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Courtesy of Mesa Arts Center
Prepare to get interactive at Spark! Mesa's Festival of Creativity.
We don't want to hear anyone say that Phoenix doesn't have any culture ever again, and we've got a list of 23 festivals to prove it. This spring will be anything but uncultured in the metro Phoenix area.

Phoenix has everything from a modern dance festival and celebrations of Spanish, Brazilian, and Polish cultures to film and multiple bike (both bicycle and motorcycle) festivals. It's going to be a busy spring. Prepare to mark your calendars.

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10 Hilariously Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

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Daniel Zedda/Flickr
Nerd's the word. Use these at your own risk.

Hey, nerds need love, too.

Just because you're a Trekkie or can name every township in Middle Earth doesn't mean you don't need a little something to make that hot muggle across the bar (or at the next booth over at Comicon) laugh. Here are 10 pick-up lines that'll give you a shot to, ahem, Slytherin to bed with someone.

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Brides of March 2015 in Downtown Phoenix: A Field Guide to Saturday, March 14's Event

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Benjamin Leatherman
Brides of March participants in 2013.
While there are an estimated 2.2 million weddings held every year in the U.S., we're pretty sure that few of these joyous affairs get as wild and weird as the Brides of March. After all, when the last wedding you attended that included a high-heel race, veils adorned with condoms, or hundreds of men gender-bending in white frocks?

Such sights and activities are common at the Brides of March, the annual bar crawl and gonzo event that's held in cities around America (including here in the Valley) in mid-March and put on by the Cacophony Society, the infamous urban pranking group with branches worldwide. It's a spoof of wedding culture that riffs on the Ides of March and involves hundreds men and women wearing goofy and glitzy bridal dresses while engaging in an afternoon of drinking.

It's also a helluva good time.

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10 Rules for Vacation Hookups

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Luke Ma/Flickr
Vacation hookups are bound to happen. Here's your guide to etiquette.

It doesn't matter if you're headed for a weekend road trip an hour away or backpacking through Europe for a month, going on a vacation can be an awesome time.

Sometimes, if you play your cards right, that vacation can be made even better by finding romance while you're away from home, but that night/week/month of fun can turn into problems that follow you back home if you aren't careful.

It doesn't matter if you're the one on vacation or the one who meets someone else who happens to be traveling, there are certain things you can to ensure the best possible experience. To make sure everyone has a good time, here are 10 vacation hookup dos and don'ts.

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10 Tips for Being a Wedding Date

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Rouxby Fine Art Photography/Flickr
Most importantly: Have fun. And do the photo booth.

With Valentine's Day in the rearview mirror and springtime right around the corner, there's a certain scent in the air.

It's the smell of open bars, overpriced catering, decaying flowers, and the salty tears of lifelong bridesmaids. That's right. It's the start of the Valley's early wedding season.

Since we all have that one (or six) wedding(s) to go to in the next few of months, and there's nothing more awkward than being a date to a wedding where you won't know anyone, here are 10 guidelines for being an appropriate wedding date.

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Here's Why Being Single on Valentine's Day Is Awesome

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anti valentines day parties 2013 metro phoenix.JPG
Benjamin Leatherman

"Brace yourself, Valentine's Day is coming."

All right, Ned Stark never said that, but for some it's way more concerning than winter. A lot of single folks are disappointed to spend February 14 alone (or with friends), but it's really nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be.

Here are nine reasons it's actually awesome to be single on Valentine's Day.

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11 Coolest Carts From Phoenix Idiotarod 2015

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Benjamin Leatherman
Phoenix Idiotarod competitors gather at Margaret T. Hance Park for this year's race.

If you happened to be cruising through either central or midtown on Saturday, February 7, there's a good chance you caught a glimpse of this year's Idiotarod in progress. After all, its participants certainly made it easy enough to spot them.

As with any of the previous versions of the annual Phoenix Idiotarod urban shopping cart race, this year's event was packed with surreal sights and shenanigans, including five-person costumed teams racing carts decked out like the General Lee, a gigantic toilet, or even a real-life version of Princess Unikitty down sidewalks along McDowell Road or other streets.

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