10 Rules for Vacation Hookups

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Luke Ma/Flickr
Vacation hookups are bound to happen. Here's your guide to etiquette.

It doesn't matter if you're headed for a weekend road trip an hour away or backpacking through Europe for a month, going on a vacation can be an awesome time.

Sometimes, if you play your cards right, that vacation can be made even better by finding romance while you're away from home, but that night/week/month of fun can turn into problems that follow you back home if you aren't careful.

It doesn't matter if you're the one on vacation or the one who meets someone else who happens to be traveling, there are certain things you can to ensure the best possible experience. To make sure everyone has a good time, here are 10 vacation hookup dos and don'ts.

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10 Tips for Being a Wedding Date

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Rouxby Fine Art Photography/Flickr
Most importantly: Have fun. And do the photo booth.

With Valentine's Day in the rearview mirror and springtime right around the corner, there's a certain scent in the air.

It's the smell of open bars, overpriced catering, decaying flowers, and the salty tears of lifelong bridesmaids. That's right. It's the start of the Valley's early wedding season.

Since we all have that one (or six) wedding(s) to go to in the next few of months, and there's nothing more awkward than being a date to a wedding where you won't know anyone, here are 10 guidelines for being an appropriate wedding date.

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Here's Why Being Single on Valentine's Day Is Awesome

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anti valentines day parties 2013 metro phoenix.JPG
Benjamin Leatherman

"Brace yourself, Valentine's Day is coming."

All right, Ned Stark never said that, but for some it's way more concerning than winter. A lot of single folks are disappointed to spend February 14 alone (or with friends), but it's really nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be.

Here are nine reasons it's actually awesome to be single on Valentine's Day.

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11 Coolest Carts From Phoenix Idiotarod 2015

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Benjamin Leatherman
Phoenix Idiotarod competitors gather at Margaret T. Hance Park for this year's race.

If you happened to be cruising through either central or midtown on Saturday, February 7, there's a good chance you caught a glimpse of this year's Idiotarod in progress. After all, its participants certainly made it easy enough to spot them.

As with any of the previous versions of the annual Phoenix Idiotarod urban shopping cart race, this year's event was packed with surreal sights and shenanigans, including five-person costumed teams racing carts decked out like the General Lee, a gigantic toilet, or even a real-life version of Princess Unikitty down sidewalks along McDowell Road or other streets.

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10 Valentine's Day Gift-Giving Dos and Don'ts

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Maybe stay away from the lingerie this year.

Sometimes, being in a relationship is about being able to guess what the other person is thinking. A prime example of that is when you have to give gifts to your significant other, particularly when those gifts have a romantic connotation, like they do on Valentine's Day.

There'll be years when you have the perfect Valentine's Day gift planned, but we've all had those times when you're searching for a little help from your partner and coming up blank. Considering how hard reading your partner's mind can be, here are 10 little dos and don'ts to give you some guidance when you're scrambling for gift ideas.

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Phoenix Idiotarod 2015: A Field Guide to Saturday, February 7's Event

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Benjamin Leatherman
The members of Rocky Road Kill from last year's Phoenix Idiotarod.
Just as the last remnants of Super Bowl XLIX are leaving downtown Phoenix, something far more crazy, colorful, and chaotic is about to roll through this weekend. And just like the big game, it's centered on competition, although nary any football is involved.

We're referring to the Phoenix Idiotarod, the madcap and mischief-filled race that invades downtown every February and is arguably one of the liveliest local events of the spring, to say the least. It's definitely one of the most unique.

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10 Tips for Avoiding the Friend Zone

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Flickr/Intel Free Press

While escaping out of the friend-zone is only slightly easier than scaling the walls to escape the pit in The Dark Knight Rises, there are times when we accidentally place ourselves deep in the friend-zone when we could've been so much more.

We're not saying these will work in every scenario -- because sometimes it's just not meant to be. But here are 10 of tips for avoiding the friend zone in the first place.

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10 Rules for Having a One-Night Stand

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Flickr / vmiramontes

One-night stands can come in all different forms. Sometimes you're looking for the right one and you end up finding the right one for right now. Other times, you might be looking for a casual fling. Some nights, you're an alcohol-induced mistake. Other nights, you're the one making the alcohol-induced mistake.

The bottom line is that one-night stands can happen to almost anyone, and there are some guidelines to follow that are going to make your experience a whole lot better. We're not saying you have to live and die by these, but they're 10 rules we recommend for having a one-night stand.

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10 Dating Deal-Breakers

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Flickr / John Shepherd
Does it really even matter what the rest of this guy looks like?

We've all had that fun moment when going up to talk to someone who looks like they might be a winner (or at least good enough to take on a first date) only to find out that there's something horribly wrong with them within the first five minutes of conversation.

Maybe we should be thankful for those quick deal-breakers, because they help to weed out some of the yellow Starburst hiding in pink wrappers.Here are 10 of our biggest deal-breakers that definitely make our inner Liz Lemon shut it down.

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No Pants Light Rail Ride: A Field Guide to Sunday's Event in Phoenix

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If you were one of those folks who wound up getting pairs of socks and underwear for Christmas, don't be too bummed out about it. In fact, you can put some of 'em to good use this weekend.

The latest No Pants Ride, which is organized by local branches of the worldwide pranking group Improv Everywhere, takes place on Sunday, January 11, in cities all over the planet where there happens to be a public transportation system involving rails. In New York City, for instance, the event happens on the subway. Ditto for L.A., Washington D.C., London, Paris, and Mexico City.

Benjamin Leatherman
Participants of last year's No Pants Light Rail Ride Phoenix.

Here in Phoenix, the event is organized by Improv Arizona and takes place on the light rail and has featured an ever-growing number of participants every year since it debuted in 2009. In fact, it's almost as old as the Light Rail itself.

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