Two Pence's Ayo Skeete Disapproves of Your Flip-Flops

Andie Flores
Ayo Skeete has done everything from jewelry to branding.

When Ayo Skeete was 10 years old, she had a make-your-own-jewelry birthday party. When she was in middle school, she made her own jewelry and sold it. In college, she began making pieces she loved and sold them in her very own Etsy shop, Ayo Femi Jewelry.

At 25, the Phoenix native has used her knowledge of branding her past jewelry business to launch a new creative studio, Two Pence.

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Pepper Boutique to Open in Old Town Scottsdale

Categories: Fashion, Shopping

Andie Flores
Pepper brings small contemporary brands to Old Town Scottsdale.

After Pepper boutique owner Cathy Beach completed her master's in clinical psychology in California, she began a career in fashion merchandising. She's done everything from working as designer Rachel Pally's assistant to overseeing visual display for Bloomingdale's and Free People stores along the West Coast. She had just begun developing the visual layout for Alternative Apparel stores in California when her mother's cancer came back. In February 2014, Beach moved back to Arizona to be with her, and decided there was no better time to open her own shop.

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In Megan Kaslly's Perfect World, Everyone Would Rock Vintage

Andie Flores
Megan Kaslly rocks a palm tree jumpsuit from Topshop.

Megan Kaslly frequented a lot of thrift stores growing up. The 24-year-old, who was born and raised near Seventh Avenue, knows a thing or two about the best spots around town to pick up funky vintage.

She's also got some big plans for the future of Phoenix fashion.

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Bunky Boutique to Host Anniversary Party for Hobo's Lauren Clutch

The Lauren
Every girl has her closet staples: a little black dress, a chambray shirt, a pencil skirt, and, for many of us, a Lauren clutch from Hobo. Over the past decade, the iconic go-anywhere wallet has become Hobo's top selling item, and incidentally a customer favorite at Phoenix's Bunky Boutique. Which is why the local retailer has decided to commemorate the Lauren's 10th anniversary, with a special in-store birthday party on Sunday, April 13.

But before they kick off the festivities this weekend, we talked with Hobo's chief visionary officer, Koren Ray, to find out how this fashionable clutch became a fashionable crutch.

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Kacie North Knows Style Is About Quality, Not Quantity

Andie Flores
To Kacie North, a first impression is everything.

Kacie North does most of her shopping in Los Angeles boutiques. The Arizona State University business communications major thinks spending money at the mall is fine from time to time, but her real eureka fashion moments come when she's browsing unique pieces in local shops.

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Angela Williamson Embodies Weird Arizona Style with Bolo Ties and Boots

Andie Flores
Angela Williamson pairs vintage with new.

23-year-old Angela Williamson is very proud to be from Arizona. The Tempe native is all about representing Southwest style, but with a twist.

"I want to encompass a very eclectic version of someone who is from the Southwest," Williamson says. "I wear a lot of bolo ties. A lot of western boots and a lot of bolo ties."

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The 10 Best Looks from Phoenix Fashion Week's Spring Show at Arizona Center

Categories: Fashion

Melissa Fossum
Jenesis LaForcarde's looks for Divaz

Phoenix Fashion Week paired four local shops and one label with five stylists for its Spring Into Fashion showcase. The Arizona Center courtyard was full of fashionistas eager to catch a glimpse at some of the new spring looks provided by Clothes Minded, Allie Ollie, Fresh Start, 7 Diamonds, and Divaz, all of which had pop-up shops set up at the fashion show. Rochelle York, Yekatherina Bruner, Vanessa Renee, Jessica Hunter, and Jenesis LaForcarde all styled looks for the aforementioned boutiques. We saw lots of great spring styles, but 10 looks really stood out on the runway.

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"Hollywood Costume" Puts on Blockbuster Show at Phoenix Art Museum

Categories: Fashion, Review

Off Madison Ave
Costumes worn by Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale in American Hustle (2013).

Imagine Darth Vader without his gleaming black helmet and dark robes. The effect would be considerably less intimidating and fearsome.

And what would Dorothy be without her ruby red slippers? Definitely not as dazzling.

Though audiences may not always realize it, costumes play an integral role in the success of a film.

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Tempe Stylist and ASU Student Azain Brito Went From Bow Ties to Basics

Andie Flores
Azain Brito keeps his look simple.

Azain Brito used to be a very patterned man.

"My motivation," he says, "was to be as loud as possible. I would wear patterned pants with a patterned button-up and throw a patterned bow-tie on top. It was very Marc Jacobs three years ago."

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Phoenix Art Museum's Casey Hagarty Emulates Effortless French Fashion on a Budget

Andie Flores
Casey Hagarty sits outside of the Phoenix Art Museum.

Accessories and high heels are impractical choices for a day in the life of Casey Hagarty.

The 27-year-old Phoenix Art Museum curatorial assistant usually sports a monochromatic uniform of black skinny jeans, boots, nice tee shirts and clean blazers. Which is great, the Phoenix native says, since she needs to be prepared for everything from seeing someone important to lifting a mannequin across a museum into a gallery.

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