Kevin Hart Is Coming to Comerica Theatre

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Courtesy of Kevin Hart
Let us explain: Kevin Hart's coming to town.

The comedian's keeping plenty busy at the box office in Chris Rock's Top Five and a string of upcoming releases, The Wedding Ringer, Get Hard, and Ride Along 2. And on Friday, January 30, he's coming to a performing arts venue near you -- namely, Comerica Theatre.

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Aziz Ansari Is Coming to Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix

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Wikimedia Commons

The cast and crew of NBC's Parks and Recreation recently finished shooting its final season. Which is a bummer. The final season will air two back-to-back episodes at a time. Which means it'll go by super fast. And NBC canceled pretty much all its new comedies. Which makes a post-P 'n' R world look all the more grim.

But ah, a glimmer of hope.

Aziz Ansari has announced a brief tour for January and February of 2014. And Phoenix is one of just six stops.

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Joe Rogan on the Freedom of Stand-Up and Why He'd Choose Comedy Over Pretty Much Everything Else

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Paul Mobley
UFC analyst, stand-up comedian, and television personality Joe Rogan will be performing his stand-up routine at Celebrity Theatre on December 12.

You've probably seen or heard Joe Rogan before, whether you intended to or not.

He's a pretty busy guy, considering that he does the color commentary for the major UFC events, has his own successful interview-based podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, and shows up on a wide variety of television programs. Oh, and he's also "that guy from Fear Factor."

But you might not have realized that he's also an accomplished stand-up comedian who sells out shows across the country and has his own hour-long special on Comedy Central.

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YouTube Comedians Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig on Selfies, Drake Trivia, and Figuring Out Arizona

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Courtesy of Tempe Improv
Grace Helbig (left) and Mamrie Hart will be getting really weird in Tempe this Sunday.
If you've been around YouTube, Tumblr, or the general Internet over the past few years, chances are you've heard of Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig, seen one of their videos on either Helbig's It's Grace YouTube channel or Hart's You Deserve a Drink, laughed, cried, and possibly had your life changed by their movie Camp Takota, or at least giggled over one of their GIFs. If you don't know who they are, do yourself a quick favor and Google them. Because you need to prepare to experience the comedy duo's punny improv live on Sunday, December 7, during their last stop of the This Might Get Weird, Y'all tour.

"We try to keep the show about 90 percent improvised so that if you're the sixth stop on the tour, you're still gunna get something new and fresh and not just going through the motions," Hart says.

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The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts Right Now

Courtesy of the Dead Authors Podcast
Start listening to this literary-minded, not-quite-historically-accurate podcast before it becomes a TV show.
You might be planning a long road trip or maybe you've just exhausted all of your go-to bands on Spotify while sitting at your desk. Never fear -- the time to dive head first into the world of comedy podcasts is here. Whether they're talking about the biz, literature, movies, or whatever else the funny people in charge of these free online radio shows decide to discuss, you can be sure you'll have to stifle a few laughs, should you choose to listen to them at work.

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Jerry Seinfeld Coming to Comerica Theatre in Phoenix

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Courtesy of Live Nation

What is the deal with Jerry Seinfeld? Well, the comedian has been up to a whole lot of something lately, recently joining Facebook, making his first Instagram post, and finishing up the fifth season of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which debuts on November 6.

And today, Live Nation announced that Seinfeld is embarking on an international stand-up tour and, yada yada yada, he's coming to Phoenix's Comerica Theatre in 2015.

Get. Out.

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Wanda Sykes on Having Kids, Turning 50, and the Problem With Being Too Cool

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Roger Erickson
There aren't many people who sound like Wanda Sykes.

Then again, there aren't many people like Wanda Sykes, period. The longtime comedian who's battled cancer, come out as gay, remarried and had children all while in the spotlight, safely stands in a category all her own.

But it's not just her personal life that has managed to go in all different directions. When it comes to her career, Sykes keeps her plate full as a writer, actor, producer, and first and foremost, a stand-up comedian. Between her many projects, we caught up with Sykes on the phone to discuss motherhood, comics who are too cool for school, and why she doesn't bother with labels.

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Ralphie May on Filthy Comedy and What He Learned From Sam Kinison

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Courtesy of Ralphie May
Don't let May's size fool you, his comedy is more than just a handful of fat jokes.

Ralphie May didn't take the stereotypical route to comedy stardom. But it doesn't really matter how you get there, because you're going to pay your dues in one way or another.

"There are a lot of different paths to be a stand-up comic," May says. "But there's no easy path to do it; all of them really grind you down."

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Pauly Casillas on Twitter Comedians and Growing Up in South Tucson

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Courtesy of Pauly Casillas
If you go see the national comedy tours that come through Phoenix, odds are good that you've seen Casillas opening for them.

Some people choose to do comedy. Others feel like they were born to do it. For Pauly Casillas, it might be a little of both.

"Well, I've always been fat, so I had to be funny," Casillas says. "I'm a fat comedian, but I'm not a fat comedian. I mean, I don't just make the fat jokes that everyone expects."

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Aidy Bryant's Made It Big on Saturday Night Live, But Phoenix Still Feels Like Home

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Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC
Aidy Bryant's SNL star is on the rise.

On a warm Wednesday night in June, a hip, young crowd formed a long line along 26th Street in Manhattan. They laughed among themselves, eyed the number of people in front of them, and clutched their blue ticket stubs to AIDY/TAMI/SPO, a sold-out three-woman show at Upright Citizens Brigade.

Billed as a performance by "three improvisers that you will either want to fuck, marry, or kill by the end of the show," AIDY/TAMI/SPO was an hourlong showcase by three improv greats, including Tami Sagher, Shannon O'Neill, and Aidy Bryant.

As the three entered the packed underground theater through two doors on stage, the crowd cheered and an excited (but failed) whisper reached the middle of the crowd: "She's on SNL!"

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