Comedian Dave Coulier on the Best Advice Jay Leno Ever Gave Him

Courtesy Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Dave Coulier will always be Uncle Joey, a lovable goofball with a knack for vocal impressions and a closet full of ugly sweaters. And from what we hear, he's okay with that. The Full House alum and stand-up comic brings his routine to the Valley with a three-day, five-show stint at the Tempe Improv.

After leaving years of weeknight television, courtesy of ABC in the early 1990s, Coulier continued to hang around on the small screen, hosting family-friendly shows World's Funniest Videos and America's Most Talented Kids. These days, Coulier is back doing stand-up, selling out clubs across the country with his mother-approved clean routine.

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Mike Birbiglia's Favorite Comedian Is Arizona's Doug Stanhope

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Photo credit: Brian Friedman
Mike Birbiglia will take his latest tour, Thank God for Jokes, to Mesa Arts Center.
It's a rainy day in New York as Mike Birbiglia reflects on comedy. Since beginning a career in stand-up in his early 20s, the Boston-bred comedian certainly has come a long way, both professionally and personally. Between starting out as a pizza-bingeing, commitment-fearing night owl with undiagnosed REM disorder to becoming a married, hard-working morning person in his 30s who manages to work on two screenplays before conducting an early phone interview with Jackalope Ranch, Mike Birbiglia has achieved the titles of writer, comedian, actor, and director.

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Moshe Kasher on Being Offensive and Phoenix's "True Heroes"

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Courtesy of 3 Arts Entertainment
Don't get offended-- Just go see Moshe Kasher at Stand Up Live.
It's no surprise that comedian Moshe Kasher has a unique perspective on life that shines through in both his stand-up and written word. Before graduating high school, he was a sign language interpreter, drug addict, Hasidic Jew, and avid gangster rap fan. Both of his parents were deaf and he lived in both New York and Oakland. As a published author, Kasher explored his upbringing with humor but as a comedian he explores humor with his own brand of self-deprecation and the occasional rage-filled outburst.

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Tickets on Sale for Comedian Brian Regan's New Year's Eve Show in Phoenix

Brian Regan via Facebook
Some people might argue that it's too early to start making New Year's Eve plans. We'll just assume those people haven't heard the news about Brian Regan. The renowned comedian is kicking off the second leg of his 2014 North American tour with stops in 48 cities, including Phoenix on Wednesday, December 31.

Now for the reason to start planning: Tickets to the Comerica Theatre show go on sale today.

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Tommy Chong Wants to Get High with Paul McCartney

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Paul Mobley
Cheech & Chong are still on top of the comedy scene after all these years.

The last true carryovers from the counterculture will bring their time-tested comedy and musical routine to Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino on Saturday, April 12. Cheech & Chong are as entertaining and relevant as ever -- even though the taboo nature of marijuana has significantly dissipated. Fans can expect the Cheech & Chong they have grown to love, but they also should be ready for some new material from the duo.

There are few entertainers who can say their act has truly appealed to every new generation over a 40-year span, but Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong's fame has remained a staple in pop culture from their original films and albums to projects like Nash Bridges and That '70s Show. Jackalope Ranch recently spoke with Chong about the swirling rumors of a new movie in the works, what is left on his bucket list (spoiler alert: he wants to get high with Paul McCartney), and legalizing his favorite plant.

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Mike Kennedy: 2014 Big Brain Awards Finalist, Performing Arts (VIDEO)

Katie Johnson
Mike Kennedy performing at Stand Up Scottsdale in March.
You submitted nominations for awards given to the Valley's emerging creatives and the results are in. Introducing our 2014 Big Brain finalists.

Leading up to the Big Brain Award announcement and Artopia on April 25, Jackalope Ranch and Chow Bella will introduce the finalists. Up today: Mike Kennedy.

Mike Kennedy is too pretty for Tent City. At least, that's how sells it on stage, in between telling tales of ecstasy-fueled orgies in Reno, getting a DUI on national television, and relating to his half-Hispanic teenage daughter.

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10 Reasons Why We Love Amy Schumer

Facebook / Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer is taking her Backdoor Tour to Celebrity Theatre tomorrow night. And if you haven't already shelled out $38.50 for the 8 p.m. show, you might want to get on that.

The unfiltered, unapologetic comedienne of all things sexual and unspoken has quickly become one of the most talked about acts in stand-up. From her debut appearance on NBC's Last Comic Standing in 2007 to the second season return of her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, in 2014, here are the top 10 things we wave come to love about the woman whom (by her own account) "you'd have sex with . . . but you wouldn't blog about it."

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The Sickie Bunch from The [SIC] [sic] [∞] Sense: Perfectly Repulsive

courtesy of The [SIC] Sense
The setup: For The [SIC] Sense's third show in its new home in the Basement Theatre at Phoenix Center for the Arts, the sketch comedy troupe takes a break from transitioning new cast members in and welcomes back Kristie Cowles, a one-woman ninja patrol of comic anarchy. About half of the sketches are about some kind of sex (sometimes it's hard to tell), and while that alone doesn't make the show inappropriate for children, it's promoted as containing "adult themes," and parenthood is challenging enough without explaining, any sooner than you have to, women with fake penises (let alone real ones) hanging out of their jeans or how to play Fuck, Marry, or Kill.

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Comedian Andy Kindler Calls Arizona SB 1062 "the Bill That Allows You to Knock Old Ladies Down in the Street for Religious Reasons"

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Susan Maljan
Andy Kindler performs at Stand Up Scottsdale Thursday, March 13, through Saturday, March 15.
Andy Kindler speaks his mind, often at length and with great detail. "I'm famous for my long-winded responses," the comedian, known for his recurring roles on Bob's Burgers, Wizards of Waverly Place, Everybody Loves Raymond, says laughing.

Kindler is a stand-up vet. A joke-teller for nearly three decades, he often takes on the role of comedy's Jiminy Cricket. His annual state of the industry addresses have found him addressing Louis C.K. (whose show, Louie, isn't one of his favorites) and Adam Carrola ("He's like Hitler if Hitler wasn't funny"). Kindler took some time to answer a few questions for Jackalope Ranch via hands-free while driving in Los Angeles in advance of his dates this week at Stand-Up Scottsdale.

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Whitney Cummings on Boyfriend Screwups, Her Next Special, and Ruining Valentine's Day

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Courtesy of Whitney Cummings
Whitney Cummings is at Stand Up Live February 14 through 16.

"It's like we're kittens in lion costumes." That's how Whitney Cummings describes the one part vulnerability to two parts adrenaline that is stand-up comedy. Like any good comedian, she brings her personal experiences to the stage, specifically the unspoken good, bad, and ugly of relationships.

As Cummings wraps up her latest comedy tour in preparation for her upcoming special, the writer, actress, and co-creator of CBS' 2 Broke Girls spoke with Jackalope Ranch about love, laughter, and her latest dating pet peeves.

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