Dave Attell on Why Older Crowds Are Better Than Young Ones

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Courtesy of Stand Up Live
Dave Attell will be performing four shows at Stand Up Live April 24-25

Are you looking to go see a huge production involving costumes, complex special effects, and several musical numbers? Then you should stay away from Stand Up Live on April 24 and 25. If you want to see some old school raunchy comedy, definitely head there to see Dave Attell perform for two nights.

"It's not some big spectacle like Lion King or Frozen or something. I'm just an old guy trying to pay my mortgage by telling some dick jokes," Attell says.

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Laughter Takes Center Stage at the Phoenix Improv Festival This Week at Herberger Theater

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Courtesy Stacey Gordon/Phoenix Improv Festival
The Galapagos comedy crew goes for a laugh during last year's Phoenix Improv Festival.

Promising a gut-busting, grin-'til-it-hurts good time, the Phoenix Improv Festival returns to Herberger Theater Center this week. Now in its 14th year, the funny fĂȘte blends local talent with national names with sketch performances and situational comedy.

Boasting 27 improv troupes from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York City, Phoenix, and our neighbors of the Great White North, the three-day event takes place Thursday, April 16, through Saturday, April 18, packing a lot of laughs (and pratfalls) into a short amount of stage time.

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Iliza Shlesinger on Offending Both Sexes, Last Comic Standing, and the Downfall of Reality TV

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Cliff Lipson
Iliza Shlesinger will be at the Tempe Improv April 17-19.

"I slipped and fell, hit my head, and then when I came to, I had a career."

According to Iliza Shlesinger, that's the short and "less boring" version of how she got into stand-up comedy.

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Ron Funches on Cute Butts, His Favorite Comic Books, and Being Nice to People

Courtesy of Ron Funches
Ron Funches performs Thursday, April 2, through Saturday, April 3, at Tempe Improv.

It must be hard to hold a grudge against Ron Funches.

Scratch that. We'd imagine it's downright impossible. Thanks to the stand-up comedian's infectious giggle and his laidback delivery, Funches is as warm in his demeanor as he is in his career. As he puts it, he's "like a big stuffed bear."

For almost nine years, the Portland native has been generating a following through his stand-up, appearing on programs like The Conan O'Brian Show, Chelsea Lately, and @midnight, while seizing smaller reoccurring roles on Fox's New Girl, and Comedy Central's Kroll Show (may it rest in peace).

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Comedian Paul Rodriguez Opens Scottsdale Laugh Factory This Weekend

Evie Carpenter
Paul Rodriguez hams it up while he helps the staff prepare for opening night at Scottsdale Laugh Factory.
Scottsdale's about to get a whole lot funnier, as the newest location of the Laugh Factory opens in Scottsdale presented by the self-proclaimed "George Lopez of [his] day," Paul Rodriguez.

The 398-seat venue will be the largest comedy club in Scottsdale and Rodriguez says he plans to draw nationally recognized names as well as emerging talent to his stage.

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Dave Chappelle Is Coming to Phoenix

Courtesy of Live Nation
Dave Chappelle's coming to Comerica Theatre.

The man, the myth, the legend Dave Chappelle is coming to Phoenix.

Live Nation announced on Thursday, March 5, that the comedian, who visited the Valley on the final stop of the 2013 Oddball Comedy Tour, will return for one night only this month.

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Kyle Kinane on Bucking the Depressed Comedian Stereotype and His New Special

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Moses Robinson
Kyle Kinane on stage at the 40 Watt in Athens, Georgia.
Even at its most depraved, the comedy of Kyle Kinane exudes a sort of busted up Zen quality. The Midwesterner is uproarious and crass, but also curiously positive.

"Yeah, well sometimes it seems like a comedians make a conscious choice make to fun everything and act superior to [their] surroundings for comedic effect," Kinane explains, his gravely voice instantly familiar from his gig voicing Comedy Central's on-air verbiage.

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Maysoon Zayid on Turning to Comedy, Loving Bob's Burgers, and Returning to ASU

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Image courtesy Maysoon Zayid.
Maysoon Zayid comes to ASU's Galvin Playhouse this Friday, February 27.

Maysoon Zayid is becoming a master a getting the last laugh.

As a woman of Palestinian descent with cerebral palsy who lives in New Jersey and works in show business, Zayid has managed to spin day-to-day challenges into comedic material on her own terms. Since earning a BFA in acting at Arizona State University, the writer, performer, and activist has landed appearances on major television networks, including MSNBC as a once regular contributor to Countdown Keith Olbermann, and co-founded the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival, now in its 12th year. Perhaps her most recognizable role to date however is her 2013 TedWomen talk, "I Got 99 Problems and Cerebral Palsy is Just One," which currently has over six million views.

Zayid talked with Jackalope Ranch via e-mail about comedy, mentors, and returning to her alma mater for a special performance on Friday, February 27.

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Steve Rannazzisi Wants You to Know He Is Not Actually Kevin MacArthur from The League

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Jason Merritt
Steve Rannazzisi will be at Stand Up Live this weekend.

Steve Rannazzisi is not Kevin MacArthur from FX's The League. He's certainly not the complete opposite, but he's definitely not the character he portrays on television's top fantasy football-themed comedy series.

"I'm not that different from Kevin, but some of the fans of The League have trouble differentiating," Rannazzisi says. "They don't always realize that's not me. They'll call me 'Brian' while I'm on stage or yell out 'Shiva.'"

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Eddie Izzard Is Coming to the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix

Andy Hollingworth Archive
Eddie Izzard is coming to Phoenix this summer.

It would seem Eddie Izzard has taken a page from the Miley Cyrus playbook. The stand-up comedian can't stop and won't stop touring.

The comedian, actor, and writer, known for his free-association delivery and roles on The Riches and Hannibal, announced this week that he'll follow up his 32-city 2014 Force Majeure tour with a 25-stop stretch of stateside dates in 2015, including two nights in Phoenix.

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