The 58th Annual VNSA Used Book Sale Opens February 15 at the Arizona State Fairgrounds

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Books were laid out in the warehouse at the Phoenix fairgrounds for the 57th annual used book sale in 2013.

It's that time of year again; time to dedicate a couple of days sifting, flipping, and sniffing through hundreds of thousands of used books and taking home a bag-, cart-, or truck-full of discounted books. It's time for the VNSA Book Sale, where the shoppers will find themselves in a "world of words" in the exhibit building at the Arizona State Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday, February 15 and 16.

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Changing Hands Bookstore Seeks Donations to Build Phoenix Location

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Courtesy of Venue Projects/Changing Hands
Rendering of the Newton, as seen from Camelback Road.
Since the official announcement earlier this year, central Phoenix has been buzzing about a new Changing Hands Bookstore. The second location would bring the Valley's favorite indie bookseller to more of the masses and breathe new life into the otherwise stagnant area of Camelback Road and Third Avenue.

Located in the former Beef Eaters restaurant and slated to open in January, The Newton will also house The Lively Hood, a co-working space, and First Draft Book Bar -- because what pairs better with books than booze?

But construction has run into a snag -- a large snag totaling approximately $80,000. Via a mass message sent to the bookstore's e-mail list Monday morning, Changing Hands co-owner Gayle Shanks detailed the financial issues that arose while trying to open the second store and asked book-loving Phoenicians to donate in order to keep their dream alive.

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David W. Foster, Author of Glimpses of Phoenix, on Erma Bombeck and "The Trunk Murderess"

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ASU Foundation
David William Foster
"People think everything interesting in Phoenix happened yesterday," says author and Arizona State University Regents' Professor David W. Foster.

Foster, a professor of Spanish and women and gender studies at the university's School of International Letters and Cultures, recently wrote Glimpses of Phoenix: The Desert Metropolis in Written and Visual Media. The book uses cultural productions -- like the writings of Erma Bombeck and cartoons of Steve Benson -- to explore Phoenix's history and identity, or lack thereof.

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Phoenix Has Highest Number of BDSM Converts, Survey Shows

Wikimedia Commons
There's no denying that 50 Shades of Grey has sparked quite the open discussion about BDSM in the bedroom. The number one bestselling book, which sold more than 70 million copies in just one year, has spawned fan-based fetish events worldwide and in one of the largest countries to be founded by prudes -- the good old U.S. of A.

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New Harry Potter Book Covers Revealed

Harry Potter turned 33 on Wednesday (yeah, don't you feel old?). To honor the birthday of the boy who lived and his creator, J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Publishing unveiled a line of newly designed book covers commemorating the books' 15th anniversary in U.S. print.

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ASU to Lead Bicentennial Celebrations of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'

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frankenstein book page.jpeg
TheRekindledPage on etsy
Frankenstein vintage dictionary book page art print
They had us hooked as soon as we caught wind of the words "Frankenstein" and "celebration."

The only problem is we'll have to wait a few years -- until the bicentennial of Mary Shelly's classic novel -- for our monstrous, science-experiment-gone-wrong dreams to come true.

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Sensitive Badass: Discussing Lee Marvin With Point Blank Biographer Dwayne Epstein

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Point Blank (1967)
Stone-faced and brutal, Lee Marvin defined the role of cinematic "tough guy."

Dwayne Epstein, author of the new biography Lee Marvin: Point Blank, describes the moment he realized Marvin's role as film's first "action star" as the "quintessential whack on the back of the head. Some people call it a lightbulb over the head. They used to call it the light bulb going off. For me, it was a whack in the back of the head."

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