Nikki Wrangler's Flora Apothecary Delivers Natural Skincare in Scottsdale

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Katie Johnson
Nikki Wrangler, founder of Flora Apothecary, invited Jackalope Ranch to tour her studio.
Nikki Wrangler has a lot going for her: a beautiful home in Scottsdale, a baby on the way, and on a more superficial level, some seriously great skin. While her enviable complexion could be credited in part to her maternal glow, we know the real source stems from something else near and dear to her heart.

Seven years ago, Wrangler was working in Los Angeles as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. But as she became familiar with the clean living trend in California, she began to take a closer look at what was really on her makeup brushes.

"I just start realizing that everything I was putting on people's skin had garbage in it," says Wrangler. "The more I researched about clean eating and clean living, the more terrified I got about the products we were putting on our skin."

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Project Phoenix: Crocheting Dreadlocks with Jaelen Stodghill of Hair Pollution

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Katie Johnson
Jaelen Stodghill specializes in dreading.
Happy New Year, Phoenix! What, you've already broken all your resolutions? Yeah, us too. But we're bouncing back with some inspiration. Whether you've been considering a new hair style or a new kitchen project, we're here to help with Project PHX, our annual "how to" guide. Step into Pane Bianco's kitchen to learn how to pull mozzarella. Or brew beer, crochet dread locks, learn how to build an electric guitar and make a screen print. Five local experts are here to guide you. Today: Crocheting dreadlocks with Jaelen Stodghill.

It's 5 in the evening and most of the stylists at Hair Pollution salon are either cleaning up their stations or finishing up their last clients of the day. But not Jaelen Stodghill. She's just getting started for what could be a late-night affair: dreadlocking hair.

Her client, 16-year-old Karly Sampson has done her research and chose Stodghill specifically. Despite having done it for only about year, dreading has sort of become Stodghill's specialty, being one of only two locations in the salon.

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Transitioning to a Natural Beauty Routine? Here's What You Need to Know

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Katie Johnson
Tata Harper has claimed much of my paycheck.
I am not a hippy.

I have reusable grocery bags, but I never remember to bring them with me. I recycle, sure, but only because I feel bad about the amount of plastic water bottles I use. I hate patchouli oil, lavender-scented anything, and I refuse to pull coconut oil in my mouth like some new-age tobacco farmer.

That being said, I am a natural beauty junkie. My spiral into the world of chemical-free cosmetics and synthetics-free skincare came hard, fast, and as recently as this year.

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Ben Mollin on Hair Wars, Shear Genius, and His Favorite Hair Trends

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Courtesy of Wes Reder and

October 13 at W Hotel in Scottsdale won't just be a typical Sunday night. It will be a chance for Arizona to get to know Ben Mollin and the most talented salon teams in Arizona, who will bring out all the stops during Hair Wars the Supreme Salon Tour.

Lucky for us, Mollin (whom you might recognize from Bravo's Shear Genius) is the host of this unforgettable hair affair. From a stylist doing hair out of his living room and record shops to being a world-renowned hair tamer and educator, his career has had quite the trajectory. Mollin caught up with Jackalope Ranch to dish on the upcoming event, chat about his love for brutal metal, how his wife and partner Angela inspires him, and how he considers himself the luckiest man in the world.

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Your Guide to DIY Acidic Beauty Remedies

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Gigi Arredondo
Don't let those roof rats eat all the citrus or throw away that near-expired milk, beauty buff. Those are valuable acids that can be used to make your face shine. These naturally acidic home remedies can brighten, tighten, smooth -- and they're probably already in your kitchen or backyard. Here are some common ingredients from strong to gentle that can concoct the perfect at-home peel.

Acetic Acid: This is commonly found in vinegar and is more acidic (about five percent) than many over-the-counter cosmetic products. The high acidity level makes skin inhospitable to blemish-causing bacteria. It also can help in the fading of surface scars and reducing redness due to acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Create a toner type of peel with one part ACV to four parts water. Rub it on your face for one to three minutes. Wash it off, pat skin dry, and follow with a moisturizer. Those with sensitive skin should be careful; this stuff is strong.

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How to Choose the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

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Gary Sanchez Productions / BCDF Pictures
Kirsten Dunst in Bachelorette

Bangs can be a good disguise for any women by creating softness, accentuating eyes, showing off those cheek bones, and creating a more youthful look. Choosing the style of bangs for you can be tough, but we've assembled this guide to getting the best bangs for your buck by pairing seven different face shapes with their best-suited fringe.

Round: If your face is round like Kirsten Dunst, then try a deep side part bang that grazes the cheek bone. Fringe hitting mid cheek bone will help to elongate and open up your face whether you part in the center or always keep it to the side.

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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Beauty Treatments

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Nick Warner from Windsor, England (Wikimedia Commons)
Kate Middleton at the Garter Procession, 2008
They say beauty is only skin deep, but apparently even shallow good looks can cost a fortune if you're a Hollywood hotshot. We all know that movie stars and the like are prone to spending ridiculous amounts of money on things, but in case you forgot that it takes a village (of rich, talented people) to keep them looking the way they do, here's a list of their priciest beauty secrets to serve as a reminder.

Kate Middleton: Bee Venom Facials
$255 a treatment (though bee venom can cost as much as $55,200 per ounce)

We're just going to assume that the price of bee venom directly correlates to how much of a pain in the ass it must be to collect. Regardless, dropping a couple hundred on a facial is pretty extreme. In Princess Kate's defense, there are a whole lot of people interested in her looks. though, and rumor has it she was introduced to the treatment by her stepmother-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall. So maybe we'll give her break.

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Bird Poop Facials Available in New York

Courtesy Flickr via chapmankj75
We've seen our fair share of bizarre beauty treatments --- snake venom creams, flaming alcohol-soaked towel masks, and who could forget the flesh-eating "spa fish." Nevertheless we are cringing at the latest spa treatment to come out of New York.

Introducing the bird poop facial.

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Five Baking Soda Beauty Tips

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Wikimedia Commons: katerha
Baking soda mixed with vinegar

Floating around in our cabinets is a magical ingredient that can help deodorize, exfoliate, and cleanse. Let us introduce to you: baking soda. This chemical compound, whose proper name is sodium bicarbonate, can be a key ingredient in your beauty regimen just as readily as a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

This white powder works differently when mixed with acids or bases. Mildly abrasive and pH-balancing, baking soda helps to neutralize acids, oils, and odors. And that means you can use it lots of different ways. Here are five beauty remedies to try with the everyday ingredient hiding in your cupboard.

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Three Best Beauty Blogs for Hair and Makeup Junkies

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Those lucky biotches who have beautiful hair, flawless skin, and perfect eyebrows are completely annoying with their "I just rolled out of bed and I am perfect" BS. They saw a "how to" on a blog but won't tell which one or reveal the fact that their ish is not natch. Well, we will have your shiny hair and perfect nails, because we've found your secrets. Luxurious hair, the perfect manicure, and flawless skin are things that we all strive to master, and beauty blogs are the answer.

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