The Lab in Central Phoenix Provides Creatives a Collaborative Work Environment

Photo courtesy of the Lab.
The Lab is a cleanly designed, modern space for creative professionals to work and meet.

The Lab in Phoenix is a new space with a simple mission: to bring together creatives in a co-working environment. Located at 818 North Central Avenue, the space is a simple-yet sophisticated environment dedicated to building local culture through art, design, and outreach.

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Graduate Hotel Now Open in Tempe; Here's a Look Inside

Katie Johnson
There are many things to love about the Graduate lobby, but this little area may be our favorite.
Put away the blowup mattress and clear that couch, because your out-of-town guests have a new place to stay in Tempe. Graduate Hotel opened its doors two weeks ago, and while the complete remodel of what was once the Twin Palms is still in progress (management expects the finishing touches will be complete before the end of the year), guests have already begun filling the 140-room establishment.

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Scottsdale Gateway Alliance Launches Mid-Century Home Tour

Courtesy of Scottsdale Gateway Alliance
Check out Southern Scottsdale's MCM offerings this weekend.

Sure, you've heard of Marlen Grove and Al Beadle. You know the best spot to pick up a mint-condition Eames chair and the coolest Melrose District stores to stalk on Instagram. You also oughta know that the Midcentury Modern craze extends beyond the bounds of Phoenix.

Southern Scottsdale happens to be a hotbed of mid-century architecture. And Nonprofit organization Scottsdale Gateway Alliance is hosting a home tour to prove it. Its first-ever Inspiration Home Tour is happening Sunday, November 9.

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9 Lessons Learned at Phoenix Design Week's Letterpress Workshop at Hazel & Violet Ink

Heather Hoch
Jeryl Jones of Pumpkin Patch Press and Cindy and Gary Iverson of Letterpress Central lead the workshop.
Phoenix Design Week filled the downtown area with folks looking to beautify the city last weekend. The event featured workshops, seminars, and more, and we couldn't help but join in for a letterpress workshop at Hazel & Violet. Being newbies ourselves, we had a lot to learn at the small, 20-person class. Here are nine things that stuck with us long after the ink dried on our handmade posters.

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Hannah Minkner on Making Friends, the Power of Instagram, and Forging Your Own Way

Madeleine Alexandra Browning
Hannah Minkner will be speaking about her love of collaboration at the Method + Madness Conference Saturday, October 18.
"Seriously, it's all about making friends."

That's one of the last lines in Phoenix photographer Hannah Minkner's "about" section on her website Weekends Are for Lovers, or WAFL. But after spending even half an hour with Minkner, whose background is in design work, it is clear that this is not just a hokey, feel-good cliche for the 25-year-old. It is a way of life, infused in everything she does, and it has gotten her where she is today.

In her talk "Be Free, Not Cheap: Why I Love Collaboration" Saturday, October 18, at the Method + Madness Conference during Phoenix Design Week, Minkner will explain why she's so drawn to getting to know and work with other creatives, rather than just taking on clients, and will probably show you some pretty amazing photos of friends she's made along the way.

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Josh Higgins on His Work for Obama, Inspiration, and Changing the World Through Design

Courtesy of Josh Higgins
Josh Higgins will be speaking about the moments that changes his life at the Method & Madness Conference Saturday, October 18.
It hit him on a Friday night and was delivered by Jimmy Fallon. Josh Higgins watched as the Late Night host began writing his famous thank you notes on air. "Thank you, Barack Obama..." Fallon said as the image with the word "Forward," white against a blue background with that famous Obama logo filling the "o," flashed up on the screen. The image that Higgins, as President Obama's design director for his 2012 campaign, and his team had created was displayed for the entire country to see. It was then that Higgins realized the scale of his work and the impact it was having on the country.

"What a trip," Higgins says.

Of course, he immediately called his roommate in to share the moment. Higgins says there are a couple moments that changed his "trajectory," as he calls it, in life, and he'll be talking about them on Saturday, October 18, at the Method + Madness conference during Phoenix Design Week.

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Richard Neutra and Robert Alexander's Painted Desert Community Complex Named National Treasure

Petrified Forest/Flickr
The Painted Desert Community Complex Plaza photographed in 1962 shows the spider legs to the left and the storefront glass windows on the right.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has designated Richard Neutra and Robert Alexander's Painted Desert Community Complex at Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park a National Treasure. Chris Morris, field director of the National Trust's Los Angeles office, made the announcement on Sunday, October 12, at "Night of Neutra," hosted by Modern Phoenix in conjunction with Docmomo at Shepley Bulfinch's new office space in the beautifully renovated south rotunda of Phoenix Financial Center. The event featured Morris, Petrified Forest superintendent Brad Traver, and ASU university architect Ed Soltero.

The designation means that the National Parks Service will work to restore the desert-modern complex with help from the National Trust, which will raise awareness of the architectural gem and encourage the public to visit it.

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Phoenix Design Week 2014: Your Guide to This Year's Events

Krystle Kibler via Flickr
Phoenix Design Week returns October 16 through 24.
Phoenix Design Week kicks off on Thursday, October 16, and there are more than enough events to go around.

Actually, with more than 15 different talks, meetups, parties, and conferences happening over the course of nine days, knowing when and where to go can be a bit overwhelming. Which is why we're going to streamline your experience with our Phoenix Design Week breakdown.

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5 Best Midcentury Modern Neighborhoods in Metro Phoenix

Katie Johnson
Marion Estates
It's no secret that we hold a special place in our hearts for Midcentury Modern architecture here in metro Phoenix. While much of the Valley has been overrun with stucco homes and strip malls, quite a few residential and commercial time capsules remain relatively intact. For those who prefer their home have history over a hot tub, eye-catching design over cookie-cutter development, and character instead of a five-car garage, here are five of Phoenix's top Midcentury Modern neighborhoods.

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Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Set to Lose Accreditation in 2017

Artotem via Flickr
Taliesin West faces possible closure in 2017.
It looks like the graduating class of 2017 may be the last for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's board of trustees has decided not to pursue independent incorporation for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, which, thanks to a recent 2012 policy by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), is now required to remain an accredited school. As a result, in two and a half years, the school's Master of Architecture program will come to an end.

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