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Meet the designer, wearing a Oliver Hibert design.

Phoenix is brimming with creativity. And every other year, we put the spotlight on 100 of the city's creative forces. Leading up to the release of this year's Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome to the 2014 edition of 100 Creatives. Up today: 17. Anya Melkozernova.

To call Anya Melkozernova a night owl is an understatement.

The 27-year-old designer, who's based in Phoenix and originally from Russia, is behind Looks Good Anya Fashion. Melkozernova says she spends her nights sewing from about 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. That's when the ASU alum isn't keeping up with her social media followers, coordinating photoshoots, or marathoning Law & Order.

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Generel Leigh, Jen Deveroux, and Lauren Perry model designs by Melkozernova.

"Currently, my biggest project is Through The Keyhole, an ongoing collaboration between my fashion line Looks Good Anya Fashion and Oliver Hibert," Melkozernova says, adding that the "goal is to work with as many artists as possible in the course of my lifetime."

She says that she's always on the hunt for support for such projects. "Luckily, I have an arsenal of incredibly creative friends in the local art community, and the next chapter of this project is in the works with local artist Sierra Joy Stewart."

It's unclear when she'll catch up on sleep, but it sounds like there are a lot of long nights ahead.

I came to Phoenix with two suitcases, my mom and my six year old sister.

I make art because I have a hard time communicating with words.

I'm most productive when the world is asleep.

My inspiration wall is full of people and things that matter most to me, symbols of feelings.

I've learned most from adversity and introspection.

Good work should always have superb craftsman ship. If art is message the message has to come through loud and clear, poor craftsmanship muddies the clarity of your expression.

The Phoenix creative scene could use more unity.

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