WWE's Seth Rollins on Fighting Dean Ambrose, Their Summerslam Match, and What Daniel Bryan Taught Him About Life

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Seth Rollins works over Rob Van Dam on an episode of WWE Raw.
If there's one life lesson we've gleamed from decades spent watching professional wrestling, its this: Your best friend could possibly turn into your worst enemy. As unthinkable as it may seem, we're willing to bet that you and your bestie could easily become frenemies (or worse), given the right set of circumstances.

It's something that happens quite often in the wrestling world, where close-knit allies (like, say, Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, who feuded both in wrestling rings and in real life) sometimes become hated enemies. Just ask WWE superstar Seth Rollins, as he's spent most of the summer battling his former storyline compatriot Dean Ambrose.

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For those who aren't up on the latest WWE storylines, we'll cut to the quick: Both wrestlers were as thick as thieves while a part of the fearsome three-person cabal known as The Shield. After conquering most of the opposition in the WWE, Rollins went rogue and delivered his resignation from the group with the business end of a steel chair while delivering a tremendous beatdown to both Ambrose and fellow Shield member Roman Reigns.

Rollins is now a hunted man as Ambrose is out for some WWE-style vengeance after the betrayal. The characters have getting into brawls it out on such weekly television shows as Raw and Smackdown and set to finally square off in a wrestling ring this Sunday, August 17, at Summerslam, which airs on both pay-per-view and the subscription-based WWE Network.

Given how wrestling feuds tend to stretch out over weeks and months, they're likely to still be at odds when WWE tapes its next episode of Smackdown on Tuesday, August 19, at US Airways Center three days before it airs nationally on SyFy.

In honor of the WWE's latest visit to the arena, we recently got a chance to talk to Rollins on the phone. Besides discussing his upcoming Summerslam battle with Ambrose, we chatted with Rollins about the "Money in the Bank" contract he won in June (which grants his character a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at a time and place of his choosing), as well as how his betrayal got turned into a YouTube parody of LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat.

We also got to learn his feelings concerning the recent burglary here in Phoenix of the home of the WWE's Daniel Bryan, as well as what the fellow superstar taught him about life. Rollins even gushed a little about his love of legendary Valley band Jimmy Eat World.

Two out of the last three WWE superstars who won a "Money in the Bank" contract have failed to win the world championship. Is there some sort of curse developing with the contract?
Well, I wouldn't call it a curse, if you look at the percentage over the period of time that Money in the Bank has ever existed, the contract holders have been more than successful than not with the championship cash-in. And regarding the last two, I'm not Damien Sandow and I'm also not as dumb as John Cena was when he tried to cash in. So I think I've got a good brain on me and I think that will enable me to cash in Money in the Bank successfully when the time is right. 

So you're going to be lurking around backstage waiting for a world champ to get the perfect time to strike? In other words, whenever they get laid out?
Well, if you watched the Money in the Bank match, I went through hell to get that briefcase and get that contract, so I'm not going to foil myself by getting hasty with the cash-in attempt. I'm going to hold onto it until the time is right and make sure that I get it done properly.

Does the Money in the Bank win make you the most successful former member of The Shield thus far?
I mean, there's really no question. You can look at the position of a Roman Reigns or the fan support of a Dean Ambrose, but all that doesn't really mean anything. Roman Reigns didn't win the World Heavyweight Championship. Dean Ambrose hasn't won anything. I'm the only one with any sort of clout as far as carrying around that Money in the Bank contract, which virtually guarantees me a world championship reign at some point. So as far as success since the split, it appears that I've made the proper decision by destroying The Shield.

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