6 Things We Learned During WWE Smackdown at US Airways Center in Phoenix

WWE fans watch on as Randy Orton battles Roman Reigns at US Airways Center.

Phoenix is, and always will be, a WWE town

There's a simple reason that the Valley hosts an average of two or more WWE events each and every year: Phoenix loves it some pro wrestling. It's why there was a WrestleMania here in 2010, and at least five other pay-per-views that have taken place at US Airways Center, each of which were sold out. Even a non-televised WWE live event this past February at the arena boasted more than 12,000 in attendance.

And if online rumors are to believed, the WWE is reportedly planning a possible return to Phoenix in mid-March. Tickets and details haven't officialy been announced yet, probably because it's more than six months away, but you can bet that local WWE fans will scoop 'em up quickly.

A family of local WWE fans after the Smackdown taping.

WWE Smackdown and The Main Event at US Airways Center:

Dark match: Adam Rose defeated Fandango

Main Event Taping:

- Sheamus pinned Curtis Axel

- Nikki Bella defeated Emma

- Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil beat Los Matadores

- The Big Show pinned Eric Rowan

Dark match: Cesaro beat Kofi Kingston

Smackdown Taping:

- Seth Rollins beat Jack Swagger

- Rusev defeated Sin Cara

- Randy Orton battled Rob Van Dam to a no-contest

- Natalya pinned Divas champ Paige in a non-title bout

- Goldust and Stardust beat Eric Rowan and Luke Harper

- Roman Reigns defeated Intercontinental champion The Miz in a non-title match

Biggest pops: Roman Reigns (duh), John Cena, Jack Swagger and RVD

Biggest heat: Rusev and Randy Orton

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Jeff Guymon
Jeff Guymon

I was there and I'm not even a WWE fan lol. My friend surprised his son with tickets and I just tagged along. It was fun though.

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