6 Things We Learned During WWE Smackdown at US Airways Center in Phoenix

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WWE fans watch on as Randy Orton battles Roman Reigns at US Airways Center.

Phoenix is, and always will be, a WWE town

There's a simple reason that the Valley hosts an average of two or more WWE events each and every year: Phoenix loves it some pro wrestling. It's why there was a WrestleMania here in 2010, and at least five other pay-per-views that have taken place at US Airways Center, each of which were sold out. Even a non-televised WWE live event this past February at the arena boasted more than 12,000 in attendance.

And if online rumors are to believed, the WWE is reportedly planning a possible return to Phoenix in mid-March. Tickets and details haven't officialy been announced yet, probably because it's more than six months away, but you can bet that local WWE fans will scoop 'em up quickly.

A family of local WWE fans after the Smackdown taping.

WWE Smackdown and The Main Event at US Airways Center:

Dark match: Adam Rose defeated Fandango

Main Event Taping:

- Sheamus pinned Curtis Axel

- Nikki Bella defeated Emma

- Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil beat Los Matadores

- The Big Show pinned Eric Rowan

Dark match: Cesaro beat Kofi Kingston

Smackdown Taping:

- Seth Rollins beat Jack Swagger

- Rusev defeated Sin Cara

- Randy Orton battled Rob Van Dam to a no-contest

- Natalya pinned Divas champ Paige in a non-title bout

- Goldust and Stardust beat Eric Rowan and Luke Harper

- Roman Reigns defeated Intercontinental champion The Miz in a non-title match

Biggest pops: Roman Reigns (duh), John Cena, Jack Swagger and RVD

Biggest heat: Rusev and Randy Orton

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Jeff Guymon
Jeff Guymon

I was there and I'm not even a WWE fan lol. My friend surprised his son with tickets and I just tagged along. It was fun though.

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