6 Things We Learned During WWE Smackdown at US Airways Center in Phoenix

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Pyro goes off during the opening of WWE Smackdown at US Airways Center.
The superstars of the WWE invaded US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix on Tuesday, August 19, and not only kicked ass and took names, but also entertained a helluva lot of local wrestling fans.

The action-packed event was actually a twofer sort of deal, as the WWE taped a pair of its television shows -- The Main Event and Smackdown -- at the arena over the course of the evening, giving the near-sellout crowd twice their money's worth and plenty of chances to see their favorite superstars up close.

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We're just as much into the WWE as the tens of thousands that flocked to downtown Phoenix and were in attendance at the tapings. And besides having a blast watching more than three hours of spandex-clad theatrics, we also learned a few things about the WWE, its current storylines, and its biggest characters, as well as the state of wrestling fandom in Phoenix.

The WWE's famed scratch logo has been scratched.

The new WWE logo is boss

Last week, the WWE sort of rebranded itself and kicked off a whole new era when Vince McMahon unveiled an updated version of the company's iconic symbol. It's a bit sleeker and streamlined than the previous "scratch" logo, which has been around since the heyday of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the vaunted "Attitude Era" of the late 1990s, and it ultimately looks very boss. As with any change, however, it's going to a little while for us to get used to it. That's not a slight by any means, since the scratch logo was really starting to look dated, it's just that we're old school wrestling fans who are sometimes set in our ways.

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Jeff Guymon
Jeff Guymon

I was there and I'm not even a WWE fan lol. My friend surprised his son with tickets and I just tagged along. It was fun though.

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