Tom Cotter on Lucky Breaks and America's Got Talent

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It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.

And no one knows this better than Tom Cotter. The New York comedian came in second to a troupe of dancing dogs on the seventh season of ABC's America's Got Talent. Since then, he's been riding out his runner-up success, restocking his arsenal of quick one-liners, and taking his show on the road. Up next is Phoenix, Arizona.

We caught up with Cotter before his upcoming shows in the Valley to discuss talent, timing, and the dogs that still give him nightmares.

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Any future TV projects in the works?
Well, I shot a pilot for NBC in November and that's allegedly still alive. I'll believe it when it gets on the air because I've shot many pilots in the past, well not many, about eight over my 25 years of comedy, and none, zero, have ever made it to the air.

Was there a noticeable difference in your career before and after America's Got Talent ?
[There] absolutely was. It's unfair because you know the show is a mega hit and it's up against reruns, so the amount of eyeballs that tune into that show every year is absurd. But I'm lucky because it was a perfect storm. It was the first year of Howard Stern, so you had all those people watching, and that same year, it was 2012. So you had the Summer Olympics and they did a lot of cross promotion. So you had even more people watching. So I just got really lucky to be in the right place, right time.

I was the first comic to make it to the finals in America's Got Talent in [seven] seasons, and I credit Howard Stern for that because Piers Morgan was in his seat before that and Piers Morgan is this stuck-up British guy who hated American comics. So no comics had ever made it out of the quarter finals let alone the semi-finals or the finals.

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