Vote For Your Favorite PBS Nerd Walk T-Shirt Design Through September 15

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Benjamin Leatherman
The six finalists in Eight Arizona's PBS Nerd Walk T-shirt design contest on display at Bookmans in Phoenix.
When gaggles of local geeks stroll down University Drive in Tempe on November 1 for this year's PBS Nerd Walk, many will be clad in cheery, gold-colored T-shirts adorned with a particularly nerdy bit of artwork. And exactly what piece of art will be featured on said shirts? Well, that's entirely up to y'all.

Earlier this month, the staff of local PBS station Eight, Arizona unveiled six finalists in its contest to design the T-shirts for the annual Nerd Walk -- and it's now up to the public to decide which one is the best.

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Local geeks (or anyone else, for that matter) can vote for their favorite design amongst the six finalists on either Eight, Arizona's website or its Facebook through Monday, September 15.

According to Bob Beard, the station's promotions and events coordinator, a total of 15 entries were submitted to the design contest, which were narrowed down to a half-dozen choices by the Eight, Arizona staff, employees of Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, and representatives from PBS.

Each design incorporates the distinctive PBS Nerd logo, which was designed by Beard and based on the network's iconic sigil, and depicts a variety of specifically geeky pursuits or subject matter, Beard says, ranging from geometry and technology to genetics and comic books.

"All of the finalists run the gamut of what's nerdy and what people have an affinity for," he says. "And its what the PBS Nerd idea means to these individuals, so there's a comic book theme, some science and technology themes, and some gaming stuff, too."

In fact, gaming helped inspire at least two of the finalists, and (depending on your point of view) possibly a third.

Courtesy of Eight, Arizona
From left: "Polyhedral Nerdery" by Jack H., "The PBS Nerd" by Rose H., and "Nerdy Circuitry" by Eric J.

For instance, a design created by local artist Austin B. that's titled "'Eight'-bit Nerd" involves the PBS Nerd logo gobbling up dots in a pixelated maze (à la Pac-Man). Meanwhile, a designer by the name of Rose H. invoked the geeky pastime of tossing multi-sided dice when playing such tabletop role-playing games as Dungeons & Dragons for her entry, "The PBS Nerd."

And "Polyhedral Nerdery," a design that's credited to local resident Jack H., features a three-dimensional and sharp-cornered geometrical object that's not unlike a nine- or 10-sided die used with RPGs.

"Geeks are really into gaming, so it doesn't surprise me that people submitted designs that with associated with it," Beard says.

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