How Phoenix Artist Paul Wilson Transformed a Mid-Century Obsession into a Decades-Spanning Career

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Evie Carpenter
Kathleen Vanesian explores the faux, fake, and fabulous art of Paul Wilson in this week's cover story.

Paul Wilson might have been the Phoenix art scene's best-kept secret. Until recently, that is.

The 50-year-old artist's creative endeavors, centered on his obsession with 1950s and '60s pop culture, have spanned both decades and media including photography, video, and performance, while he makes a living freelancing as a set designer and painter for various Valley theater troupes.

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Not only has Wilson exhibited set design skills with his mid-century fascination in public, he also transformed his childhood home, which he lived and created art in until a few months ago, into a picture-almost-perfect replica of a House Beautiful spread from the '50s.

To read more, check out Kathleen Vanesian's cover story on Paul Wilson -- complete with his art, a rundown of his recurring characters, and a video tour of his former home.

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Marte Crow,  Art
Marte Crow, Art

Brilliant quote about a brilliant artist, thank you.

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