Mikey Sarratt of Phoenix's High Noon Tattoo on Tattooing the Arizona Coyotes

Courtesy of Mikey Sarratt
Mikey Sarratt of High Noon Tattoos focuses on the traditional fundamentals of tattoos in all forms of his art.

When Mikey Sarratt was growing up, he wanted to be a hockey player. Sarratt's NHL aspirations didn't work out, but now, after a stint in semi-pro hockey, he gets to be involved with the Arizona Coyotes in a different way. He tattoos most of them.

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Sarratt began his tattooing career in 2003 when his friend and tattoo artist offered to show him how to tattoo.

"I always loved tattoos. I thought they were super cool," Sarratt says. "I was very lucky to have someone ask if I wanted to learn. People don't realize the hardships and difficulties of finding a way into tattooing."

Sarratt would then work as an apprentice for three years, which he believes is yet another obstacle tattoo artists deal with that most people don't see or think of.

"It was a rough road full of ups and downs," Sarratt says. "For that whole three years, I was the lowest of the lows. I'd be the first guy in the shop and the last one to leave, and of course you don't even get paid for it."

Josh Chesler
This Aaron Coleman hand tattoo is one of Sarratt's favorite pieces.

These days, Sarratt owns High Noon Tattoo Studio in Phoenix, where he gets to show off his traditional "Sailor Jerry-esque" style of tattooing.

"My tattoos are generally based on traditional fundamentals of tattooing, but I always put my little flair on them," Sarratt says. "I think the differences are in my color palette and my unique designs and drawing."

When he's not busy tattooing and running High Noon, Sarratt also does a wide variety of tattoo expos and shows around the country. He says he doesn't do them all, but the ones he likes he keeps going back to, such as Phoenix's Hell City Tattoo Festival (which Sarratt has attended for the last six years) and other conventions in Salt Lake City and Seattle. Of course, Sarratt happens to do pretty well in the competitions at a lot of these festivals, as his wide array of trophies include first and third in the "traditional" category from one of his favorites, the 2014 Northern Arizona Tattoo Festival in Prescott.

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