Jamie Kilstein on Performing in Phoenix, Panic Naps, and Politics

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Courtesy Jamie Kilstein
Jamie Kilstein is making his voice heard.

The progressive left-wing comedian can be found sharing his thoughts on war, abortion, gun control, rape culture, religion, veganism, and mainstream media coverage on stage at New York comedy clubs, on his comedy album, What Alive People Do, on his political podcast with Allison Kilkenny, Citizen Radio, and on the pages of their upcoming book #Newfail set for release October 14.

This weekend Kilstein and improvist John Frusciante will perform at Playhouse on the Park to deliver a one-night only show that's part stand-up, part improv, and all parts politcal.

We caught up with Kilstein about how he got here, where he's going, and what's in store for Phoenix.

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When we spoke on the phone will Kilstein, he was just waking up from what called "a panic nap."

What are you panicking about?
Oh, just everything. I feel like that's sort of how you become a comic. I've yet to meet a comedian who, when you ask them, "How did you get where you did?" they're like, "Oh, everything was just really like stable and healthy and like I had a really good upbringing and my dad had some connections and now I'm famous."

No. It's always like these tragic unfunny tales where its like, "Oh, you used humor so you didn't die." It's not like you're just happy to be the class clown or whatever.

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Playhouse on the Park

1850 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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