Your Guide to Holbrook, Arizona

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Janessa Hilliard
Holbrook, Arizona: one of the few places where you can stay in a wigwam.

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Whoever said "it's not the destination, it's the journey" may have been talking about the drive to Holbrook. One of the noted pit stops along the famous U.S. Route 66 highway, Holbrook is a town whose hey-day is behind it, boasting ruined relics that time forgot.

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Courtesy Disney-Pixar
Blink and you'll miss it. The tiny town -- whose population and elevation are roughly the same at 5,082 feet -- is tucked off Interstate 40, between signs for pawn shops and $7 moccasins and woven blankets. Declared "too tough for women and children," Holbrook has a sordid history still visible today. With roadsigns like "Bucket of Blood Street," named after nearby saloon owners literally filled a bucket with blood, cleaning up after a shoot-out, it made southern Arizona's Tombstone look like a cakewalk, according to locals.

Founded in 1881 or 1882 (no one can agree on that one), Holbrook was a by-product of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. When trains gave way to automobiles, the then-thriving community found itself sitting right in the middle of a new roadway: U.S. Route 66.

The Disney-Pixar collaboration Cars (2006) was partly inspired by the northeastern Arizona town. Director John Lasseter spent hours at popular cafe Joe and Aggie's, learning the history of the town and drawing, literally, visual inspiration. Many of the movie's recognizable features are plays on hotels and murals seen today.

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Seriously in all aspects of this ....She is kinda right ...We need to help repaint the Tepees the owners are to old to do so...Get in their and volunteer...Some of the older places that have nothing in them Need torn down before they fall down like Ivah's...I have heard plenty of tourists complain about Holbrook having nothing to do...It's true I have grown up here too..You have to drive 30-90 miles for decent shopping, kids activities and so on...But they say Holbrook is land locked pure and udder Bullshit if people just cared about the town they would allow it to grow to reasonable proportions just like Show Low and Snowflake....If we could remove the Interstate then maybe our little town would have a chance to thrive but, as so many people see in this day and age...It's dying and we need to start Revamping So we can keep our Tourists coming to our town...


This article is poorly researched and superficial, and seems to be written by someone who knows almost nothing about her subject matter.  And the photo that was used seems to have been chosen to make Holbrook look run down...  when in reality tourists who come to Holbrook every day of the week take NICE, attractive photos of the SAME Wigwam Motel and publish them online....  which makes me wonder why the author seems to be purposely trying to make Holbrook look bad?  At best this article is innacurate and poorly written...  and at worst it was an intentional HATCHET JOB.   Either way,, shame on her!

Racquel K Black
Racquel K Black

Sergio, for the next time you visit Holbrook/Winslow! Haha

William J. Messer
William J. Messer

there was one similar on Van Buren back in the 50's wasn't there?


@davidrobertheward I agree with you on your feelings on this article. Shame on her for trying her best to make Holbrook look bad

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