Phoenix's Four Chambers Press to Hold Literary Flash Mob on the Light Rail

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Jared Duran
Shawnte Orion reads during Four Chambers Press' recent "Festival of Literary Oddities," held at Bragg's Pie Factory.

When most people think of public art, the usual images of street festivals, sculptures, and decorative fountains come to mind. But for the minds behind Four Chambers Press, public art can be so much more.

For its latest endeavor, the year-old literary journal continues reaching out into the community with the Flash Your Fiction: Literary Flash Mob, a public reading taking place on the light rail, scheduled for Saturday, September 13. Beginning at the Central and Camelback light rail station and running all the way to the end of the line in Mesa, before returning to Central and Roosevelt, the event is both a sprint and a marathon for prospective participants.

As the journal prepares for the release of its second issue in October, Four Chambers co-founder and editor-in-chief Jake Friedman explained the magazine's public arm as simply another half of its mission, with the light rail being yet another realm of accessibility to broach in reaching the broadest audience possible.

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"One of the things that inspired me, or us, to think of a reading on the light rail was just that I was using it sort of infrequently, but every time I would go on, these really significant things would happen," Friedman explains.

"It seemed like something that people were writing about. And since one of our goals here at the magazine is to try to bring people together, create public art, build community... we were thinking that public transportation would be a good topic to see if people were ready to start writing these sorts of thematic works in Phoenix."

Then, in building the foundation for the event, Friedman looked to current happenings on the light rail to see how that public energy might be harnessed into something that produces a public good.

A point of comparison is the annual "No Pants Light Rail Ride,". "That's great to get on the light rail and not wear pants," Friedman says, but is that really building a sustainable form of community, is that going to give back to the culture here in Phoenix?"

Friedman continues in stating that rather than intentionally being different, Four Chambers has simply sought to not replicate any of the community events and groups already in existence.

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METRO Light Rail Station (Camelback Rd. and Central Ave.)

Camleback Rd. and Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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Bragg's Factory Diner

1301 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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Bruce Cromer
Bruce Cromer

Not exactly a "flash" mob when organized three days in advance


Just for the record we love drinking and not wearing our pants, it is one of our favorite things to do on a Saturday afternoon, we have nothing against not wearing pants and drinking


@fourchamberspress got it. you just don't believe it to be building a sustainable form of community. you love drinking and not wearing pants for reasons other than sustainable community building. your group's approach to sustainable community building includes sobriety and the wearing of pants. the light rail is really the only common factor between the two sustainable community building philosophies. I hope that one philosophy, or the other, or a combination of the two, result in a sustainable form of community which will enhance our lives for a long time to come.

a haiku for the occasion:

sustainable forms

of community provide

peace and well-being

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