Phoenix's 6th Annual Grand Avenue Festival Seeks Artist Submissions

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Tina Riddle
A scene from last year's Grand Avenue Festival.

It's almost festival time again. The Grand Avenue Members' Association and the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts will team up for the 6th Annual Grand Avenue Festival on Saturday, November 8, held in the Grand Avenue District in downtown Phoenix.

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Grand Avenue Arts & Small Business District
Last year's festival image, designed by Abraham Reyes.
The free, non-traditional, pedestrian-oriented festival celebrates the rich history of Grand Avenue, while encouraging neighborhood sustainability and community creativity.

A festival like this is needs creative imagery to boot, and organizers are now calling for artist submissions for a Grand Avenue 2014 official festival image. The artwork should represent the Historic Grand Avenue District.

All two-dimensional works, including photographs, will be considered. The winning artist will be awarded $150 and work with Grand Avenue's graphic designer to create a final image to be featured in festival posters, guides, and promotional material.

The deadline is Saturday, August 16, at midnight. Send your art submission as a JPEG to

See more about the festival at

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Grand Avenue Arts District

Grand Ave. roughly b/t 7th and 16th avenues, Phoenix, AZ

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Jesse Boyle Art
Jesse Boyle Art

No I just saw it now, that's a pretty cool opportunity, deadline was Saturday night though. Good looking out bro, thanks for thinking of me.


Wish I had the courage to put some of my stuff up..maybe next year

Bree Gonzales
Bree Gonzales

I had no idea about this! Looks so awesome! I wish I wouldve known about it before!

Michael Fontes
Michael Fontes

Dagan Sassarini, Bree Gonzales you guys should be having booths

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