Phoenix's Exposed Studio & Gallery Is Closing

Courtesy of Gregg Edelman
Exposed Studio & Gallery on Seventh Avenue.
When local art broker Gregg Edelman announced earlier this month that he was closing his space Exposed Studio & Gallery, it wasn't so much a goodbye as it was a "see you later" sort of thing.

That's only because the local art enterprise will still exist in virtual form and may eventually find a new home elsewhere in the Melrose district. Plus, Edelman plans on putting on art shows and participating in neighborhood events, like the Melrose on Seventh Avenue Street Fair.

By the end of this week, however, he'll be closing Exposed's longtime location along Seventh Avenue.

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"I'm still going to be an art broker, I'm still going to be playing a part in the Seventh Avenue and Melrose area, and I'm still going to support the arts," Edelman says. "Just not with a brick-and-mortar store at this point. The Exposed business isn't going away, just that particular building"

Edelman says that he and his partner Harvey Unci decided to close Exposed's brick-and-mortar location after a decade in operation in order to focus a little more on their growing real estate development business and to spend more time together.

"Our real estate development has taken off recently," Edelman says, "And we just found that 10 years is a good point to move onto the next chapter with the business, so we're just moving forward, and it just means we won't be in that particular building."

Following the closing of Exposed's current home on Friday, Edelman says it will become more of a "virtual entity," as he'll continue to sell art through the gallery's website and at neighborhood events like street fairs. He also plans to curate exhibitions and shows featuring local artists at central Phoenix restaurants or other businesses.

There's also a possibility that he and Tucker will "probably open up another location within a year or so" in the Melrose district.

Edelman, who owns the Seventh Avenue property that houses Exposed, plans to lease out the space, possibly to another gallery or art-related business that's that he says will be "a nice fit for the Melrose neighborhood."

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