5 Things We Learned at Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Bill Goldberg pretends to wallop an attendee of the Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest in Phoenix on Saturday, July 19.
For a bunch of people whose fame is based on a sport that's reportedly fake, the wrestlers and legends in attendance at the Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest this past weekend got surprisingly real.

There were no convoluted storylines, histrionic promos, goofy costumes or over-the-top characters to be had at the meet-and-greet at the Phoenix Airport Marriott on Saturday, July 19, just more than dozen world-famous ring warriors who (mostly) dropped the theatrics for an afternoon and interacted pleasantly with hundreds of their fans while signing autographs, posing for photos, and answering questions.

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A big chunk of pro wrestling history was present at the fan fest, including Bret "Hitman" Hart, Bill Goldberg, Amy "Lita" Dumas, Ric Flair, Maria Kanellis, and other heroes, villains, and divas who were superstars in both he WWE and its former competition, World Championship Wrestling,

As longtime wrestling fans ourselves (call it a guilty pleasure) we hit up the fest and not only grabbed plenty of photos of the proceedings, but also learned a few things about some of grapplers we used to cheer and boo every week on television.

Tommy "Tiny" Lister gets up close and personal with a fan.

5. Tommy "Tiny" Lister is One Funny Mofo

We freely admit to have being a little bit intimidated by Tommy "Tiny" Lister before this past weekend. After all, the actor has made a career out of playing bullies, bodyguards, bouncers, and other thuggish characters in films like Friday, Little Nicky, The Dark Knight, and Barb Wire. Plus, he famously portrayed the unstoppable monster villain and "human wrecking machine" known as Zeus who pounded all-American hero Hulk Hogan on both the silver screen (via the flick No Holds Barred) and in the WWE's wrestling rings.

And although Lister worked his tough guy persona at his Fan Fest appearance on Saturday, it was all in tongue-in-cheek fashion that was all in good fun and extremely funny. He constantly referred to the Clickjab staff member who was assisting him as his "pimp," comically barked orders to attendees to "get over here" for a picture or autograph, and gave them "ghetto handshakes" that amounted to grabbing them (loosely) around the shoulders or in mock chokeholds while posing for photos. Fans happily played along and were laughing or smiling all the while at Lister's shtick. Thankfully, no one tried to recreate the epic moment from Friday where his character Deebo "got knocked the fugg out" by Ice Cube.

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