10 Celebrities Who Should Co-Host The View

Courtesy of ABC, The View
This lineup? It didn't exactly pan out.
It seems that right now all eyes are on The View.

Well, more eyes than normal. That's because with Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd having recently left their spots at the table, the only remaining host from last season is Whoopi Goldberg.

And while on Thursday, June 10, it was announced Rosie O'Donnell would be returning to the show (fingers crossed for drama), that still leaves at least three seats open for what is normally a five co-host show. So what remaining media personalities should make a full-time appearance on the next season of The View this fall? We have some ideas.

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10. Betty White

Ever since Barbara Walters left The View view back in May of 2014, the show has been missing its token grandma co-host. Betty White brings major crowd appeal to all areas of the show's daytime demographic: the young unemployed, the stay at home middle-aged who grew up on Gold Girls, and, of course, AARP members.

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Heather Pearson
Heather Pearson

A couple of those are genius, the rest, not so much.

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