Wrestling Legend Bill Goldberg on What It Takes to Be a Real Man These Days

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You've been asked about this a lot lately, but I'm curious if there's been any new developments with you getting back into a WWE ring?
No. I've expressed my desire...well, not my desire, my willingness to maybe consider it again, but I've said it once, I've said it 50,000 times, once they learn how to do business, then I'd consider it.

I'm betting your fans would definitely love to see you work one more match.
I'd love to do it too, man. I mean, like I said, I've said it before, I think the WWE and I will never see eye to eye, so I don't think [it] will be very logical, and I think the chances of seeing me elsewhere are between zero and zero, unless it's Japan or unless somebody comes out to be a competitor to [WWE's owner Vince McMahon], because I'm not just gonna do it to do it.

When you mentioned that the WWE has to learn to do business, did you mean with just you or in general?
Uh...I think in general, although they've been extremely successful over the years. I don't know, man, I haven't talked to too many guys that see eye to eye with them, unless you're in that inner circle, but not unlike any other business, you're gonna have your opinions about it. [But] no, they don't know how to do business with me, I mean, the reality is, I don't think they want to do business with me. I think that's the reality of it.

So I could care less, to be honest with you, but to answer that question, I just don't think that there'll be a chance for us to do anything. And I've said it before and I said it at [WrestleCon], the last conversation I had with Triple H, and I left it in their corner, was, "Hey man, I'm willing to put everything aside, I have an eight-year-old boy who'd love to see me wrestle. So if you guys want to make a lot of money and do some business, then let's do it."

I guess that wasn't good enough for them, in that I didn't show the passion of being a professional wrestler, but, hey, business is business. You don't have to live and breathe it and admire it to be able to put asses in the seats and be able appreciate the people who make you the star. My feelings about the WWE aren't my feelings about the business, per se, as far as the fans are concerned, because there's no better fans than wrestling fans.

Other than allowing your son the chance to watch you in the ring, is there anything left that you'd like to accomplish in professional wrestling?
No. I accomplished far more than what I thought I would accomplish. I remember walking up to the table prior to my first match down at Universal Studios [in Florida] and the guy says, "What do you want to be called?" and I said, "Call me 'The Hybrid.'" He goes, "We can't do that, we can't sell T-shirts or merchandise because that's trademarked." And I said, "Dude, I'm not gonna sell anything. Call me 'Goldberg'." So when I look back on that moment, I've accomplished what I wanted to accomplish [and] 10 times more.

The reality was, what I wanted was money in my pocket and the ability to make a difference in a positive way. And through pro wrestling, I've been able to do that much more so than with football. And I'm certainly appreciative of that.

So what's next for Goldberg?
I've got a movie [Minkow] coming up in September [and] just got off a conference call with a new TV show. I'm pretty damn busy man. I'm as busy as I want to be. And at this time in my life, at 47 years old, I just want to be able to make my own decisions and live by it. So as long I'm still able to do that, then I'm good, man.

I don't need to vindicate anything because of my last match against Brock Lesnar, by no stretch of the imagination. Because I haven't seen anybody press [slam] him over their head yet. When that's a normal occasion, then I won't feel as though I accomplished very much. But I haven't seen anyone jackhammer The Giant [a.k.a. WWE's The Big Show] yet. So, if I'm the "flash in the pan," as a couple people have said I was, so be it. But this "flash in the pan" put asses in seats, money in a lot of people's pockets, and I was able to jackhammer The Giant at will.

Bill Goldberg is scheduled to appear at the Clickjab Wrestling Fan Fest on Saturday, July 19, at the Phoenix Airport Marriott. General admission is $20 while individual autograph and photo prices vary.

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