Downtown Phoenix's Orange Theatre Launches IndieGoGo to Fund Local, National Productions

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Courtesy of Orange Theatre
The cast of Orange Theatre's most recent production of Blood Wedding.
A new home. A Big Brain award. A knockout run of successful pay-what-you-can productions.

Think that's enough for downtown Phoenix's Orange Theatre? Not quite.

Recently, the company launched its latest IndieGoGo fundraiser. While past fundraisers have gone towards basic (by this group's standards) production expenses and moving into a new venue, this time around Orange is going a little farther from home: first to ASU's Lyceum Theater, and then to New York's North American Cultural Laboratory.

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This season of transition began with the group departing its previous home at the historic Levine Machine building in the Warehouse District (replaced by ASU's Herberger Institute, no less), leaving it to search for a new home.

"We were invited [to work at the Lyceum Theatre] by the head of the School of Theatre, Dance and Film [Jake Pinholster] when we were between spaces," recalls Orange Theatre Artistic Director, Matthew Watkins. "Jake is a good personal friend of mine and other company members, and he offered us [ASU's] space because they wouldn't be using it and we thought that would be a great opportunity."

Adjusting to new, even temporary digs, is nothing new though for Orange Theatre. Over its brief history, the group has performed at spaces as disparate as Bragg's Pie Factory, Phoenix Center for the Arts, and the aforementioned Levine Machine. And before long, the group will be launching inside its new warehouse space off Grand and 17th avenues, which they are currently renovating to make performance-ready.

With such DIY roots, Orange's move may first seem to be a break with tradition.

"We have to do all of the work ourselves [still]," reassures Watkins, noting that ASU is primarily providing physical space at the Lyceum, along with some minimal mentorship opportunities to the troupe. "But this does have air conditioning, which changes a lot of things."

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