Kumail Nanjiani Spent 14 Hours Filming Silicon Valley's Hand Job Joke

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Courtesy of Stand Up Live.
Kumail Nanjiani (right) will be performing with his Silicon Valley co-stars at Stand Up Live.
If you saw the season finale of HBO's Silicon Valley, then you definitely know the joke we're talking about.

The Mike Judge show is about a group of friends and housemates struggling to launch a successful tech startup called Pied Piper without being squashed by a giant Google-like organization called Hooli. And the ridiculous, mathematically centered penis joke arrives as the five guys are sitting in a hotel room prepping for a tech conference presentation that could change their lives. It's crunch time, but instead of working on the task at hand they become consumed with developing an equation for how to give every member of the 400-person audience a hand job during their slotted 10-minute presentation time.

With that stellar ending to the show's first season, new shows in the works, and some hilarious new and old characters on Portlandia, the future is looking bright for comedian, writer, and actor Kumail Nanjiani, who will be performing in Phoenix this Friday with two of his Silicon Valley co-stars, T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch.

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I just saw the finale of Silicon Valley. It was awesome.
Thank you! Obviously, I've been a fan of Mike Judge forever. But what I like about the show more than any other show I've been on is that this show is about story and narrative. It's kind of cool that they told a full story in season one that works on it's own in case we didn't get to do another season.

What were some of your favorite moments from season one?
I was just telling my wife that this is a show I would love even if I wasn't in it. I think the conversation when we really get into the math of how you could jack off 400 men came out so well. It was tough to shoot because we were shooting in a tiny hotel room for 14 hours. But we had to do it to make it believable.

You tweeted about Silicon Valley being the most gratifying thing you've ever done. Why has the experience been so rewarding for you?
We all got together and watched the finale. We all get along so well and it's partially just personally because I love everyone I work with and we've bonded hardcore. It was also great to be a small part in a story Mike Judge told. I feel like I'm just talking about how great the show is, but I just love it. We worked so hard on it.

You and your co-stars, who are going to be performing with you at Stand Up Live, all seem pretty different. How do you think your styles blend together on stage?
We haven't done stand-up together much. I've known those guys for over 10 years. We all occupy different territories, but we compliment each other and we're all trying to accomplish the same thing. It can be competitive, but in a good way. We push each other to be better.

What can fans expect from the show next season and your character Dinesh?
There's a few options. They could start that day or jump forward a few months when Pied Piper is a more established company. I would love to see, with Dinesh, a bit more of his backstory. But I like when he's put in uncomfortable situations.

Do you feel a connection to Dinesh's character?
I do a little bit because my parents were immigrants, and I was an immigrant. I understand the immigrant struggle. He really wants to make it here and, like other immigrants, he has to work really hard to get there.

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