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Wayne Wisdom and Linda Pauley
Aurelie Flores designs costumes for theatrical productions.

Phoenix is brimming with creativity. And every other year, we put the spotlight on 100 of the city's creative forces. Leading up to the release of this year's Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome to the 2014 edition of 100 Creatives. Up today: 73. Aurelie Flores.

Aurelie Flores is drawn to fabric, always has been.

"I started sewing with my mother when I was 6 years old," says the costume designer and Arizona native, who was born in Globe and resides in Queen Creek. "I learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine and enjoyed the creative process of selecting fabrics and patterns."

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Her love of creating garments for friends and family took a turn toward the stage when her daughters started performing in musicals. Since then, costuming has been center stage in Flores' creative life. Currently she's working on costumes for Actor's Youth Theatre's production of The Addams Family, Night at the Wax Museum for CounterPoint Theatre, and Songs for a New World for Mesa Community College's Music Department.

And the AriZoni Award winner's got more up her sleeve.

"I am in process of joining forces with Katherine Most (former costumer for Chandler/Gilbert Community College to create our own costuming company specializing in theatrical costumes," Flores says. "If our new company launches we hope to provide costumes for a number of other theaters in the Valley."

I came to Phoenix with my old green Singer sewing machine.

I make costumes because I love color, fabric and textures and mixing them together into eye-catching designs. I especially enjoy working on costumes for people that are important to me. The income from making costumes supports my kids artistic pursuits.

I'm most productive when I have little time, a small budget and a quickly approaching dress rehearsal.

My inspiration wall is full of fabric and ribbon scraps.

I've learned most from other costumers throughout the Valley.

Good work should always help bring the character to life.

The Phoenix creative scene could use more financial support.

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