American Girl Is Coming to Scottsdale Quarter

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Looks like suits aren't the only new addition to the Scottsdale Quarter. High-end doll retailers and Mattel syndicate, American Girl announced on Wednesday, June 4, that it's opening up its 16th experiential store in the North Scottsdale shopping center in late summer of 2015.

Parents of small children, you've been warned.

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The 12,000-square-foot retail space will be part of Scottsdale Quarter's 180,000 square foot property expansion and feature not only a wide range of contemporary and historic dolls (about $110 each) but also books, accessories, and matching outfits for both the doll and her prepubescent owner (sorry adult doll owners?).

In addition, the doll store with a cult following will also offer an American Doll Bistro for casual meals and birthday parties as well as a Doll Hair Salon. Yeah, these people aren't messing around.

Ridiculous as it may seem, this model has be proven successful at other American Doll stores in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and its original location Chicago. For more information, visit or

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Scottsdale Quarter

15279 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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Daniil Gunitskiy
Daniil Gunitskiy

Katie Pozycki, they feel your pain about the lack of Samantha.

Shannon Hadley
Shannon Hadley

Lisa Tsosie, the shop has finally arrived here in the valley

Misty Guerriero
Misty Guerriero

Gina Pedrojetti Cooper oh boy Caprice is going to be so happy!

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