Space 55's New Short Plays Heyre Be Dragons . . . In My Mind, Plus Late-Night Serial Captain Jack's Space Attack

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Around 10:30 most Saturday nights, Space 55 also hosts a recurring show of some sort -- a strange sitcom or variety extravaganza or sketch pastiche or compilation of solo performances. It's the Late Night Series, and generally a particular group performs once a month until it doesn't any more, and then another group takes its place.

So you've missed (or seen) Hollis' Traveling Treehouse and Dance Party, The WTF Variety Hour, or Down-Lo Solo, for instance, but 2014's brought a new, brisk, and crazed entry courtesy of Charlie Steak and musical prodigy Ron Foligno, with contributions from batshit (in public, I mean) former New Times contributor Ashley Naftule. It's Captain Jack's Space Attack, kind of a futuristic, satirical, outer-space serial with a three-piece rock band. Episode 4 followed Saturday's Heyre Be Dragons. There's one more in June, I don't stay out late often enough to describe these things for you, and so I gave it a go.

The premise is sort of 2001 meets Idiocracy. If your ship is really smart, how smart do you have to be? One-hit wonder Captain Jack (B.J. Garrett) and his band Space Attack travel around with Queen Mozambique, the surviving leader of a destroyed Earth, a crew member who's half human, half bighorn sheep, and a gutter-minded cultural repository (I think) named Viscount Earl (Naftule). In this episode, Ken Burns VIII is documenting the ship's mission, and because things happen very efficiently in the future, the film is already in contention on Planet Cannes by the time everybody gets there.

By the time I left, the creative team was discussing introducing a tote board that displays how many months the show has gone without having an audience member walk out. It would currently be set at 0.

The verdict: What a great evening! Sometimes new, offbeat theater is just the best thing ever, whether it's thoughtful and well-made with subtle wit and heavy philosophy (Dragons) or rehearsed so well that it feels just loud and fast and insane, like a memorable weekend (Captain Jack). Sometimes you can get both! (This weekend, the Late Night show is Arcana Collective's Má: A Mother's Night Ritual, though Captain Jack will be back once more this season.)

Heyre Be Dragons . . . In My Mind continues through Saturday, May 10, at 636 East Pierce Street. Admission is $15. The theater is small. Purchase your tickets here or call 602-663-4032. Stick around Saturday and throw the box office person another $5 to see Má: A Mother's Night Ritual.

The season finale of Captain Jack's Space Attack will take place at 10:30 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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Editor's note: This post has been altered from its original version.

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