Sentrock to Hold Solo Show at Palabra Collective in Downtown Phoenix

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Courtesy Joseph "Sentrock" Perez
From Bird City to the Windy City, native son and celebrated artist Joseph "Sentrock" Perez is still making waves. The former Valley resident, who now lives in Chicago, returns to the desert for a gallery showing this weekend -- paying homage to the journey he's been on and how far he's come.

"Welcome to Our Diary" debuts at Palabra Collective on Saturday, May 3. Sentrock, who is a member there, says this will be the only solo art show in his hometown this year. Nearly 200 people have already RSVP'd on Facebook to the free event.

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The show, like many before it, is about sharing stories, a visual narrative.

"[It's] a very loose yet cohesive story line with the reoccurring character in different settings," Sentrock says. "As my work for the show started to build, I started to create different characters that reflected somewhat the same environments.

"Each piece for the show is like a chapter to a book. The 'we' or the 'our' in the title is like a reflection on my community as a whole, almost to say that I'm sharing others' stories along with mine."

Courtesy Joseph "Sentrock" Perez
The exhibition consists entirely of Sentrock signature pieces, all of which will be for sale. Each is heavy on the color and the message -- from that which is written outright ("tell mom I'll be home for dinner") to that which is implied. The character, complete with a human torso and limbs and trademark bird head, is seen in a variety of positions and situations. Each implies a transition from the last and a drive to keep on and continue to succeed, which has been the painter's personal motto in past shows.

The 27-year-old Big Brain Award winner continues to draw inspiration from his surroundings. Anchors in his life, from God to his family to a community of artists and friends, have always nurtured his painting, he says. And that's apparent here.

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Thanks for the FYI. Interesting things happening in Phoenix.

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