5 Signs Don Draper Will Die on Mad Men

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Courtesy of AMC.
We're all about one conversation with Lou away from jumping out of a window.
Although the Mad Men storyline isn't dependent on shock value as much as other popular TV shows, this season has been kicking it up with amputated nipples and drunken meltdowns. All of this madness seems to be building up to a full-blown breakdown, and we think Don Draper's going to end it on his own terms before the times a-change too much for him.

Here's why. Also, yes, this is full of spoilers.

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Courtesy of AMC.
5. Don Draper's general downward spiral

For a man with unreasonable amounts of pride, Draper's new submissive role in the office is a lot to handle. His drinking has gotten out of control, and he looks sad all of the time. He's also beginning to feel a little obsolete, though the computer is just a small part of it. None of that lends to a particularly healthy frame of mind.

Even before all of this, Don's time in Hawaii was consumed with deadly imagery. His tagline for the Hawaiian hotel? "The jumping off point." His book of choice on vacation? Dante's Inferno.

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First Walking Dead, now a Mad Men reach-around. What's AMC paying you for these?

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