Fortune Feimster on Her Tina Fey Show and How Cool Chelsea Handler Is

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Fortune Feimster will perform at Tempe Improv Friday and Saturday, May 16 and 17.
Fortune Feimster is on the rise.

Despite her name, it's not just luck that's landed her at the forefront of up-and-coming comics in Hollywood. Just ask late night host Chelsea Handler, who snatched up the North Carolina comedian as a full-time writer and roundtable contributor for her hit E! Network show, Chelsea Lately; or maybe try longtime comedy giant, Tina Fey, who selected Feimster as a reoccurring character on her much anticipated Fox sitcom, Calbot College.

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Since her early days at Groundlings Theatre and her national television debut as a semi-finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing, Feimster has been grabbing the attention of industry professionals and stand-up audiences alike.

Before her making her debut performance at Stand Up Live on Friday, May 23, Jackalope Ranch caught up with Feimster by phone to discuss Fey, Handler, and what doesn't define her as a comic.

You just finished shooting the pilot for your potential sitcom with Tina Fey. What's it like working on a new project with such a comedy legend?
I don't think I had a normal conversation with her until like four days into the process because I was so dumbfounded and in awe of her presence.

Does it have a set title yet?
Right now it's called Cabot College. I'm currently, as we speak, waiting to hear if it gets a pick-up, so pretty much the last few days I've been useless because I've been sitting by the computer, phone waiting to see if we get picked up.

Right. There seems to be a lot of confusion surround the fate of new and ongoing shows these days.
It's that whole TV lingo that I never understood either. Until you've done it, it's like, "what?" It's confusing with our show because it's like a series commitment so it's like, "Oh we're definitely going to see it." But that just means that if they don't pick it up, they have to pay a penalty.

So needless to say, you're a not a fan of this aspect of the job.
Oh god no. It's the worst! But I love the job. I love the work . The work is fun because it's very rewarding. You just can't ask for a more fun job. But the business side of the job is very difficult and very stressful.

But you just sort of have to adapt to it and learn to be patient and learn that logic is not always behind decisions and there are so many things out of your control and you just sort of have to learn to ride the wave.

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