Comedian Dave Coulier on the Best Advice Jay Leno Ever Gave Him

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Dave Coulier will always be Uncle Joey, a lovable goofball with a knack for vocal impressions and a closet full of ugly sweaters. And from what we hear, he's okay with that. The Full House alum and stand-up comic brings his routine to the Valley with a three-day, five-show stint at the Tempe Improv.

After leaving years of weeknight television, courtesy of ABC in the early 1990s, Coulier continued to hang around on the small screen, hosting family-friendly shows World's Funniest Videos and America's Most Talented Kids. These days, Coulier is back doing stand-up, selling out clubs across the country with his mother-approved clean routine.

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The comedian (and Alanis Morissette's infamous ex) caught up with Jackalope Ranch by phone to share the best advice he ever received -- care of The Tonight Show titan Jay Leno -- and to talk about why clean comedy shouldn't be considered shocking.

After Full House, you continued to do television for a few years and did some primetime shows. What prompted your decision to return to stand-up?
I didn't know if I was going to go back to it or not. [Then] I foolishly went and saw some great stand-up comics at a comedy club here in Southern California. It was as simple as that. The comedians were so great that night that I thought, "I've got to get back up there. This is so much fun."

Do you remember who you saw that night?
It was at The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach and I had played there for many years, and some friends of mine just said, "Hey, do you want to go to a comedy club?" I said, "heck no!" but they dragged me over there. We got down there and the comedians were so great. It wasn't anybody famous or anything, it was just some great comedy, and I gained a new appreciation for it. And so I decided to get back up there to see if I could do it again. It became a whole new challenge, a whole different headspace.

So what do you get out of doing stand-up as opposed to something like television? Do you approach each differently?
When you're doing TV it's always somebody else's words you're trying to make funny. In stand-up, they're my own. And it's live.

And it's all on you.
It is. It's all on me. If the joke doesn't work, I'm the guy who wrote it. I can't really say, "Boy, these writers, huh?" It's just knowing that the stuff that I come up with during the day is mine and funny.

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