Phoenix Artist Zach Bootz on Ditching Denim for Slacks

Andie Flores
Zach Bootz loves graphic T-shirts done right.
Phoenix native Zach Bootz knows that the way men dress in Phoenix is very much restricted by the state's weather.

"It's easy to dress well here," says Bootz, "but a lot of people wear boat shoes and boring shorts and Ts because of the heat."

The 23-year-old has put his own spin on dressing up and dressing well every day and still manages to stay cool.

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Bootz is a printmaking major at Arizona State University, where he does both print work and creates large-scale drawings. His Instagram account, @yourpalbootz, is filled with his illustrations, many of which have streetwear and sports influences.

The artist's love of streetwear began as a kid. "I found graffiti artists that I really liked, and in sixth grade, I started to draw graffiti and thought it was really cool, but I sucked at it," says Bootz. "I kept practicing and it was a pretty short lived phase, but street art was a gateway into finer arts."

Bootz says before Obey clothing is what it is today -- think wheatpaste and Andre the Giant days -- he was an avid fan. Once he began to see Obey shirts everywhere, his tastes developed into newer brands.

"The graphic stuff has definitely come back," he says. "Now I wear a lot of Hood By Air, Been Trill, and Heron Preston because it's not gaudy. The graphics are done cleanly and it looks really dope."

Bootz knows streetwear has changed a lot in the past few years and that it's becoming more and more high end. "Brands like Hood by Air are bridging this gap that there's always been between streetwear and fashion, and it's cool."

The streetwear fan says he doesn't see himself as being that fashionable, but he does have a formula. "I always start with slacks, I revolve around three pairs of shoes, and then I'll just tuck in my shirt or roll my sleeves.

"I don't know why more people don't wear slacks every day. I haven't worn denim in almost a year because I wear slacks all the time."

Bootz posts his illustrations and prints regularly on his Instagram, and fans will be able to purchase his work this summer on his web store.

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Ben was still shitting in a diaper when Andre the Giant died. This kid doesn't know what he's talking about.

Zach Bootz
Zach Bootz

wow it's like this hipster jerks off to slacks or something

Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez

God damn it Phoenix, get your shit together.

Steve Palermo
Steve Palermo

Hah! I see hipsters have graduated from skinny jeans to skinny slacks. Good luck with that.

Glen Coco
Glen Coco

I looked at the cloths site listed. Overpriced and not cool.

John Carter
John Carter

Well, thank you for the suggestion weird hipster artist guy that no one has ever heard of. However, I will continue to wear denim and forget I ever read this article.

Sic Nas Tee
Sic Nas Tee

slacks with sneakers and a TUCKED IN printed tee? no...just no. I'm all for slacks, but paired with oxfords or wingtips and a button up. guess I'm just not hipster enough...

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