Phoenix Film Festival Review: Thomas Beatty's Teddy Bears

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Teddy Bears is a story about an indecent proposal.
If you're going to make a film based on a zany idea, say, a man who wants to have an orgy with his friends' girlfriends in order to heal from his mother's recent passing, you're going to take a lot of care to not make it a gimmick. You're going to have to make your characters believable and their emotions realistic. You're definitely going to have to make more to the story than just a sad man who wants to have sex with three women, but Teddy Bears, which made its Phoenix Film Festival première on Sunday, April 6, just didn't do any of that.

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Director Thomas Beatty doesn't have much under his belt in terms of directing. Seeing him at the film festival, you could tell he was excited and nervous to show his film. Unfortuately, his "worst nightmare" happened when the film repeatedly skipped and cut out 10 minutes before it finished, essentially taking all drama out of the ending scenes. Guess it isn't all rosy going to a full digital format.

That aside, Beatty's story was so unbelievable. With strong indie film aesthetics, you could tell he was going for that Little Miss Sunshine vibe but ended up with a pretty disingenuous tale of a man on a mission. The plot didn't need to insist on the orgy element of the film, which was obviously why audiences were drawn in, but it clung to that element, allowing you to think of pretty much no other aspect of the characters other than how they will react to the orgy proposition.

While the lead, played by 10 Things I Hate About You's David Krumholtz, was a creepy, sad, voyeuristic mess who was downright unlikable in most scenes, there were a few performances that overshadowed his.

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