Stephen Colbert's 10 Best Moments -- So Far

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All eyes were on the Late Show this past week after host David Letterman announced on Thursday, April 3, that he would retire from the late night talk show in 2015. Immediately, the Internet was abuzz with rumors of who would fill the shoes of Letterman, who's hosted the Late Show since its première in 1993.

While plenty of celebrities, from Chelsea Handler to Chris Rock, were named as contenders for the talk show title, CBS announced on Thursday, April 10, that Stephen Colbert will be the next host of the Late Show, signing a five-year contract with CBS.

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Naturally, emotions are mixed about the big reveal, with some applauding Colbert's newly appointed title, others disappointed in the continuing lack of diversity in late night television, and many mournful of losing Colbert's satirical right-wing character on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report.

Bittersweet as it is, we can all agree that Colbert's career thus far has had some serious highlights. Let's look back on the top 10.

10. Truthiness

"The Word" is one of our favorite segments on The Colbert Report, so much so that we can hardly pick a single favorite. Which is why we're naming two of them, starting with Truthiness, the difference between "thinking with your heart" and "knowing with your gut."

9. Wikiality

Another token from Colbert's "The Word." Ironically now defined on Wikipedia, wikiality is the concept that "together we can create a reality that we all agree on -- the reality we just agreed on." It was in this 2006 broadcast that Colbert urged viewers to go on Wikipedia and edit the post on elephants to say the elephant population in Africa had tripled in the last six months. In addition to causing servers to crash and editing privileges to be revoked, it stood as a testament to Colbert's increasing cultural influence.

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No comments yet on this? These clips are hilarious. And snagging Colbert to replace Letterman was a stroke of genius.

Paul Falsone
Paul Falsone

Bittersweet. Happy for him & It's good for him, but sad that there will be no more Colbert Report.

Jerry Young
Jerry Young

Hate to lose Letterman but glad to gain Colbert...I don't have CC on cable!

Kyo Ono
Kyo Ono

Naaaa letterman is irreplaceable but o well

Isai Abrum Escobar
Isai Abrum Escobar

I'll miss him on the Colbert report, but happy for him. Its a dream job.

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