5 Most Ridiculous Craigslist Missed Connections in Metro Phoenix in March

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Viewer discretion is advised.
The guiltiest pleasure of all Internet interactions for us is the Craigslist Missed Connection section. So many awkward encounters and many more horribly skewed perceptions of what's going to attract the opposite sex makes it irresistible scrolling material on any long, boring day at work. Sure, maybe we're hoping that someday someone will miss a connection with us and feel compelled to post, but mostly it's just the best form of people-watching you can do in the Internet age.

Here's what people were missing in March:

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Your butt is getting too big...


Not a great way to inspire someone to respond, but at least he used the proper form of "your" and "too," which is really rare in Missed Connections. However, it's really not cool to call someone a "jerk" with a "nasty attitude," claim they don't have any friends, and then tell them to "evolve." Are you trying to attract someone or just make them feel bad because they rejected you? We're sure he thinks he's a nice guy, too, and doesn't understand why girls never go for him. Here's a hint: You're disrespectful and you handle rejection about as well as a middle schooler.

It's Been Almost Nine Months


The post itself is pretty harmless, but she really has to understand that no guy ever wants to be beckoned by the message that it's been "almost nine months." Consider your audience. "hug SOMETHING!" Whoa, now.

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