Phoenix Named Among Best Cities for Midcentury Modern Architecture

Becky Bartkowski
Al Beadle's House 6 near Camelback Mountain.
Nestled nestled between its best neighborhoods and its up-and-coming ones, Phoenix has its fair share of renovated retro residences. Thanks to Phoenix preservationists and community events like the Modern Phoenix Home Tour, Arizona's Atomic Age architecture is getting the recognition it deserves.

Case in point: California-based HÔM Sotheby's The Haverkate Group placed Phoenix on its list of the "Best Cities in the U.S. for Mid-Century Modern Architecture."

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The Haverkate Group's exclusive list featured Phoenix in the number-two spot just after Palm Springs and before Washington D.C., Austin, Texas, and Denver, Colorado. The real estate specialists who compiled the list credited Phoenix's mid-century roots to Frank Lloyd Wright and the founding of his Scottsdale school at Taliesin West in 1937.

Haverkate's blog went on to name drop some of the Valley's most revered retro architects including Al Beadle, Blaine Drake, and Ralph Haver, as well as define Phoenix's mid-century look, noting that it has "elements of the International and Bauhaus styles, which were heavily influenced by Scandinavian design."

For a full look at Haverkate's article and their mid-century listings, visit

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Taliesin West

12621 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

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David James
David James

Kewlness! Now if "we" could just resist the urge to tear anything over 40 years old down and put up something "new and beige."


Damn straight we should be on that list.  Palm Springs is only in the #1 spot because they get more publicity for their preservation (movie stars lived in their MCM houses).  In fact, they have far less to preserve. 


I am convinced that we have more MCM stock than Palm Springs -- and only time will tell when somebody cares enough to factor the numbers -- but this isn't a contest. :-) Ten years of tourism experience has proven to me that most of our stock is well lived in and well loved, but not exactly tour-ready.

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