Lost Leaf Named One of the Best Art Bars in America

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Melissa Fossum
A scene from last year's Record Store Day after-party at Lost Leaf.
It's an unofficial fact that art appreciation is best paired with alcohol. Which is why Complex, national definers of all things hip and underground in the creative scene, posted a list of the 25 Best Art Bars in America.

Lucky for us, Phoenix is home to one of them.

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Lost Leaf ranked at number 16 on Complex's list of the best artistic drinking holes, coming in just after Bin 152 in Charleston, North Carolina, and just before FABO Coffee Art Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Roosevelt Row-adjacent establishment and First Friday hotspot, which has been operating out a renovated 1922 bungalow as a gallery since 2004 and a bar since 2007, made Complex's list thanks to wide selection of beer and work by local artists. Complex made special note of the fact that the artists who display their work at Lost Leaf continue to receive 100 percent of the profits from art sales.

To start mapping out your cross-country art bar road trip now, check out the full list at www.complex.com.

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Lost Leaf

914 N. 5th St., Phoenix, AZ

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Sabitha Tata
Sabitha Tata

Interesting place for sure....there was no music when were there the last time!

Danielle Doctor
Danielle Doctor

Erik Bradley what did you call it? Haha...see I take you to best places.

Sena Andrews
Sena Andrews

Best chill house. ..n art n D.j People..

Sharon O'Hara
Sharon O'Hara

Kirk O'Hara paints live there on 1st Friday!

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