Meet Phoenix's 2014 Big Brain Award Finalists

Scott Biersack
The Big Brains are here.

We've profiled the 15 up-and-coming creatives who are finalists in the categories of performing art, culinary art, visual art, design, and urban vision.

We'll announce the five winners (one in each category) at Artopia, an evening of food, drink, and art, at Bentley Projects on Friday, April 25. Tickets are available now

In the meantime, meet your 2014 Big Brain Award finalists.

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Katrina Montgomery
Daniel Mills is behind Sprawlr.

Daniel Mills | Urban Vision

Daniel Mills spends his time thinking about the big concepts: identity, sustainability, and place, to name a few. The 22-year-old ASU English department grad got his start as a blogger, covering the local art beat at, but last fall he decided it was time to take his passion for telling stories to a new level. Thus, Sprawlr was born. Read more. -- Katrina Montgomery

Becky Bartkowski
Mary Stephens sits in the common room at Phoenix Hostel.

Mary Stephens | Urban Vision

For Mary Stephens, it's all about intersections.

Walking through the ever-changing courtyard of Phoenix Hostel & Cultural Center in the Garfield District, she meets a Peruvian jeweler staying the night. He's on his way to Los Angeles to sell his wares. "Mucho gusto," she says, as he wheels his suitcase around the incense-scented historic bungalow to get settled in his room. Read more. -- Becky Bartkowski

Heather Hoch
Libby Coyner, Lisa Parks, and Anna Allebach-Warble pose with their bikes outside of PHX Bike Lab.

Phoenix Spokes People | Urban Vision

Anna Allebach-Warble started Phoenix Spokes People thanks to a car accident.

After totaling her car in fall 2011, she decided to use her two perfectly good bicycles to get around town. And she hasn't looked back since. She quickly found that poor cycling conditions made her commute tough. Almost every day, she arrived at work angry about the state of biking in Phoenix. That is, until one day she decided to "stop complaining and start talking to like-minded people about how to make it better." Read more. -- Heather Hoch

Location Info


Bentley Projects

215 E. Grant St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Phoenix Hostel & Cultural Center

1026 N. 9th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails

2 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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