Mike Birbiglia's Favorite Comedian Is Arizona's Doug Stanhope

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Brian Friedman
You definitely have a distinct narrative style of comedy, where all the jokes tie together with a theme. How exactly does this process evolve? Does the story come first or do the jokes?
With Sleepwalk with Me and My Boyfriend's Girlfriend, the goal was: Let's take a main event -- in the case of the Sleepwalk with Me it was the jumping through a window and in My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, it was this car accident -- and then let's build backwards from that. But in terms of this new one [Thank God for Jokes], honestly, it's just like the funniest stories that I could think of and then the themes of it had evolved.

So what are some of the topics you discuss in this upcoming show, Thank God for Jokes?
It's all stories. There's about 10 stories in the show. Basically the theme of the show is I started thinking, "I'm going to tell the funniest stories that I have." And what evolved is a theme that all the stories are in some ways about jokes and about how jokes are kind of this volatile art form where when you tell jokes you're always running the risk of alienating people or making people feel bad. That in terms of the risks/rewards of jokes you have the ability to feel really close to people from jokes and I always say the times that I felt most connected to people in my life is sharing jokes with my brother, my wife, my parents, and that's sort of what show is about; times I've gotten in trouble with jokes and times I've sort of felt connected to people from jokes.

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