Mike Birbiglia's Favorite Comedian Is Arizona's Doug Stanhope

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Mike Birbiglia will take his latest tour, Thank God for Jokes, to Mesa Arts Center.
It's a rainy day in New York as Mike Birbiglia reflects on comedy. Since beginning a career in stand-up in his early 20s, the Boston-bred comedian certainly has come a long way, both professionally and personally. Between starting out as a pizza-bingeing, commitment-fearing night owl with undiagnosed REM disorder to becoming a married, hard-working morning person in his 30s who manages to work on two screenplays before conducting an early phone interview with Jackalope Ranch, Mike Birbiglia has achieved the titles of writer, comedian, actor, and director.

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Since his contributions to This American Life, Birbiglia has made a name for himself with comedy, book, and film adaptations of Sleepwalk with Me, a joke-fueled narrative that dissects the events leading up to Birbiglia's near-fatal and unconscious jump from a second story window of a La Quinta Inn as well as My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, a stand-up routine which ultimately evolved into a one-man screenplay.

Now Birbiglia is on tour and heading back to Mesa Arts Center with an anthology of his funniest anecdotes, Thank God for Jokes. Jackalope Ranch caught up with him over the phone before his show on Friday, May 2, to discuss words of wisdom, his favorite comedian, and why he's so thankful for the laughs.

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