Hazel & Violet, Galleries to Leave Fourth and McKinley Intersection in Downtown Phoenix

Becky Bartkowski
The building currently houses galleries and shops.

Major changes are coming to Fourth and McKinley streets in Phoenix's arts district.

Scottsdale-based Tilton Development Company recently purchased the building on the intersection's southwest corner. It's currently home to Hazel & Violet, Seven13sk8, Goings Galleria, Gallery:SUHU, S&S Floral Wholesale, 720 Gallery, and Brush Party.

Plans to demolish the building, which formerly housed .anti_space, mean that all the businesses will move out before the end of 2014.

"I'm excited," says Hazel & Violet owner Nancy Hill of the move. "Why not? What's the alternative?"

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Hill plans to move Hazel & Violet in May to a space on the McKinley Street side of Bragg's Pie Factory, where she'll have more than double her current square footage. She says that though she has until October of 2014 to leave Fourth and McKinley, she'll relocate her letterpress printing shop in May. "When you're moving eight tons of printing equipment, you don't do it in August," she says.

After moving Hazel & Violet, Hill says she might transform the space into a pop-up gallery. And she says she wants to keep recently opened 720 Gallery open as long as possible.

Other occupants are less certain of what they'll do next.

S&S Floral owner Daniela Baca says that, while she's very sad to leave the space, the transition's coming at the right time for her business, which has outgrown its current location. She says that she doesn't have a new spot nailed down but does plan to stay in downtown Phoenix.

Co-owner of Seven13sk8 Kristine Brambilla says that she's not sure what will happen with her shop. "Everything's up in the air," she says.

Brambilla admits she's a little upset about Tilton buying the building. She says that she thinks developments like this one are pushing the downtown arts community out of the neighborhood.

Tilton has responded to requests for comment and details. A representative from the company says that more information will be provided in the next week or so.

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Hazel & Violet INK

1301 NW Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

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Bragg's Pie Factory

1301 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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345 E. McKinley St, Phoenix, AZ

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Goings Galleria

722 N. 4th St., Phoenix, AZ

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335 E. McKinley St., Phoenix, AZ

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S&S Floral Wholesale

333 E. McKinley St., Phoenix, AZ

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720 Gallery

720 N. 4th St., Phoenix, AZ

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Brush Party

718 N. 4th Street, Phoenix, AZ

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Anti_space/SoRo Galleries has been an awesome place for small businesses to start including ours, Seven13sk8.  I previously had a gallery in the building when it was Anti_space and also showed my art with Hazel & Violet for a year or so.  Now this opportunity for a small gallery or business is going to be gone from the area, and our lot is going to be replaced with another apartment building.  The apartments that are across the street aren't even full.  Why are you going to build more apartments and destroy/relocate a bunch of small businesses to put in a building that will be half full?  Don't all the people that our small businesses serve and all the work that we have put into our small business the last 3 years+ count for anything?  I suspect that Phoenix doesn't give a damn about ours & your small business, the artist community, or any culture.  All that matters is the money that the ASU/UofA provide.  In some ways I am almost ashamed to say I am from ASU.  This is my school, this is my community, and it is working to destroy everything I do.  When I was in high school, we were told go to college, and you will be able to get a good job.  When I got out, I discovered that wasn't quite the case, so I went back to school.  I went for Fingerprinting/Forensics, only to find stiff competition in the community.  I went for a few years as an "A" student in Autocad, but discovered that that too was highly competitive, and I never had a chance despite excelling in my classes.  After working several jobs to no end, I finally said F it, I am going to do my own business.  That has to be the way, only to discover that my 3 years of work is being tossed out the window by some rich developer that can just come in and say aha, well, that's it for you little one.  Our business was improving year over year and it would have only been a matter of time before we were an official version of success and not just a success in our own eyes.  We defied logic by opening in one of the worst economies in decades with what little money we had left.  Despite several setbacks including a business partner that had to have several surgeries, the death of my father, and some financial calamities, we stayed open.  WE DID IT!  We worked our butts off, and now we are just going to be scraped off the map by someone who doesn't give a damn about our community, or what we accomplished.  I will continue my art.  Nothing has stopped me ever from making my art and nothing will, but the skate shop will likely be gone.  You will see a change at the corner of 4th St/McKinley.  Maybe you want us gone.  Maybe you don't.  Just beware Roosevelt.  You are next!

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