Grid Bike Share Launch Postponed in Phoenix

Courtesy of Grid Bikes
No green bike share rides for you just yet.
Bad news for folks looking to jump on the bike share train in Phoenix: The Grid Bike Share program launch has been postponed until after this summer. While the program was initially slotted to launch in April 2014 during Valley Bike Month, the release had to be pushed back due to issues with the bikes electronic components.

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According to Matt Heil of the City of Phoenix, there's no set release date for the Grid Bike Share program. However, he says that it will definitely be after summer, which makes sense to us considering how vastly unpleasant it is to ride here during the hotter months. (Side note: We recommend dunking bandanas in water and freezing them overnight to cool off if you're hell-bent on biking this summer.)

Regardless, Heil says the program had to be delayed due to issues with the vendor. While CycleHop has 200 bikes ready for the program, the GPS electronic components were not available in time for the initially planned April launch.

"We are working with the vendor CycleHop LLC to determine an appropriate launch date later this year," he says.

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valleynative topcommenter

I hope they have the good sense to pilot test the electronics over this summer, to make sure they can hold up to the temperatures they'll be exposed to in full sun.

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